How to add attachments to iPhone, Mac and iPad Notes!

There's no disagreeing, Apple's native ecosystem notes app is by far one of the best available. One of the many things you can do with it is add attachments to Notes on iPhone, as well as on other Apple devices.

If you want to learn better how to use this app to get even more out of it, just check out our comprehensive guide below to easily add attachments. Check it out now!

What types of attachments are allowed?

It's good that we talk about the types of attachments you can add to Notes so you don't expect it to do too much.

Through the app, you are “restricted” to only attaching photos and videos from your gallery, taking new photos and videos, and scanning documents. Which in itself is pretty impressive!

However, it goes much further, as using the iPhone's sharing tool you can attach basically anything, including PDFs, DOCs, and more.

How do I add attachments to iPhone and iPad Notes?

As the process is exactly the same for both iPhone and iPad, let's do just one topic that covers both.

  • First, open the Notes app;
  • With it open, create a new note (or access an existing one) by tapping the icon in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • Then just tap the icon of Camera to see three options: Scan Documents, Take Photo or Record Video, and Choose Photo or Video;

share add attachments to Notes

  • When you choose to take a photo to add as attachments in Notes, your camera will open. In case you choose the media file, your gallery will appear;
  • Now, if you want to scan, the camera will open and you can frame the document. If you prefer, you can tap the button to take a photo and then you'll be able to adjust the corners of the document;
  • Complete by tapping the Keep Scanning;
  • In addition, you can also upload files to the app to add attachments to Notes. To do this, navigate to the app that contains the desired file;
  • Then tap the button for Share;
  • Finally, select Notes and presto, added your attachment!

Scan documents add attachments to Notes

And how to do this on Mac?

It's worth mentioning that adding attachments to Notes is very similar on the Mac.

  • Add an attachment from your desktop by dragging the file to a note;
  • Drag a photo from your Photo Library to a note;
  • When starting a new note, tap Archive, in Insert from iPhone or iPad, and select Take a picture or Scan Document;
  • You can also add designs directly by tapping Archive, in Insert from iPhone or iPad, is at Add Drawing. Now just draw;
  • Similar to iPhone, just Share from other apps to Notes to add attachments.

add attachments to Notes on Mac

So, what did you think of the guide on how to add attachments to Notes?

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