How to add reminders in Outlook

Outlook is one of the best email services you can find today, especially if you use Windows and want to integrate several tools. One of your options is to integrate your calendar with the calendar used on your smartphone or computer. This way, you can add reminders in Outlook and receive notifications on your most used devices.

To help you and teach you how to add reminders in Outlook, we have prepared a very detailed tutorial. All the necessary steps will be demonstrated below, so be sure to check it out!

How to add reminders in Outlook

Although Outlook has some different versions, including the web, the mobile app and the Windows app, it is quite simple to perform this process in all of them. In fact, adding reminders in Outlook works very similarly regardless of the platform.

After all, the options and shortcuts are still all the same. Therefore, you follow this step wherever you prefer and where to use your Outlook most.

To get started, open Outlook and search and click on the “Calendar” option. It is always at the bottom of the screen and is represented by a calendar icon.

add reminder in outlook calendar

Then, choose a date from the calendar and click on the “Add Event” option on the next screen.

add reminder at outlook event

This will open a window for you to customize your reminder as you wish. You can change the title, day, time, location, etc.

add reminder in outlook tips

You can still decide whether to show the notification again or just once. When you are finished choosing the options, just click on “Save”.

When you go back to look at your calendar, you’ll see that the reminder has been added successfully. Information about the options you choose will also appear there.

add reminder in outlook tab

The best thing is that you can edit this reminder whenever you want. It is also possible to remove it at some point if it is no longer needed.

And this is how you can add reminders in Outlook. Just repeat this process whenever you need a new one.

Remember that Outlook itself creates reminders for dates mentioned in your emails. This includes travel, meetings and more, so it’s good to check that the service hasn’t done the job for you.

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