How to always use the same letter on the Pen Drive on the PC

If you have used a Pen Drive or other types of storage devices on your PC, you may have noticed that Windows assigns a letter to each one. Generally, the primary HD is called "C", while a secondary is called "D", for example. This causes external devices to have letters from "E" and "F", but this can always be different even when using the same Pen Drive.

The cool thing is that you can always leave the same letter for your Pen Drive on the PC. The modification can be done in a few minutes and is especially useful for those who have multiple storage devices. To learn how to keep a single letter for the Pen Drive on the PC, just check out our tips below!

Using the same letter for the Pen Drive on the PC

Before explaining more about how to modify the letter used for your Pen Drive, we will mention something very important. Since Windows automatically assigns letters to storage devices inserted in your PC, it is best to use letters that will not be used anytime soon.

It is more difficult to see units with letters between "M" and "Z", for example. So it may be better to use something between them to avoid confusion or to prevent Windows from using the letter on your Pen Drive for another device.

With that in mind, insert the Pen Drive into your PC. Then, use the shortcut for the “Windows” and R ”keys to open the run menu, in which you must enter the command“ diskmgmt.msc ”(but without the quotes).

menu command run

This will take you directly to the "Disk Management" window. This is where we can see more information about all storage devices that are connected to the PC.

This includes your HD, SSD, Pen Drive and external hard drives. To proceed, click on the drive that represents your Pen Drive with the right mouse button and select the option “change drive letter and path”.

pen drive change the letter

In the next window, choose the "Change" option to continue.

pen drive change the letter

You will see that it has a special tab to choose the letter, which goes from "A" to "Z". Choose the one you prefer, but keep in mind that something better for the second half of the alphabet is better.

thumb drive tips

When choosing the letter, just click on it. Then confirm by clicking on the “OK” option.

guide to changing the letter on the pc

There, the letter you chose will always be used for the selected Pen Drive. You can see this by opening the file explorer and clicking on the “This PC” option.

how to melt the lyrics on the pc

Very simple to change the letter of the Pen Drive on your PC, isn't it? You can do this with any storage device, including your hard drive.

We only recommend that you do this carefully and preferably before you start using the device or storing anything in it. In the case of the Pen Drive, this is not a big problem, as it does not have the operating system installed on it.

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