How to automatically follow in Instagram

Among the various functions and features offered by Instagram, there is something very simple that has not yet been implemented: the possibility to automatically follow in Instagram. This would make life easier for those who have many new followers every day or week, especially in accounts targeted at a specific business or brand.

Of course, even for casual users, this would improve the use of those who do not like to follow everyone by hand. The more people to see the Netflix series they share in Stories, the better.

Fortunately, there are very interesting and easy-to-use alternatives to follow automatically on Instagram. If you have been curious, you can check how to do this through our tutorial below!

How to automatically follow in Instagram

As we mentioned, there are several alternatives to follow automatically in Instagram. But for this tutorial, we will use one of the most popular tools for the social network: Gerenciagram.

For those who do not yet know, Gerenciagram is a tool that specializes in automatic interactions, being used especially by those who use Instagram for their brand or business.

In addition to being able to enjoy posts and schedule publications, the service allows you to follow people in an automated way. As it is quite complete, it is a paid tool, but you can test for FREE for 5 days.

Start the FREE trial through the link to follow our tutorial.

How to automatically follow in Instagram manage

Then, register your site with your name, email, phone number and new password. Click "Register" to continue.

How to automatically follow in Instagram register

Now, you must put your Instagram username in the blank field, click "Next" and add your Instagram password to proceed. No need to worry about this part, since Gerenciagram is very secure and will not store your password.

How to automatically follow in Instagram register

You will then have access to the general menu of Gerenciagram. To continue, click on the "Settings" option.

how to configure manageability

Now you will see all the options to enjoy and how to automatically follow in Instagram. You should enable "Follow Cycle" and "Follow Private Profiles" and "Follow only those who do not follow you, as in the image below:

use app settings

Of course, if you want, you can also set the rest of the options the way you prefer. Whether it's to mute profiles, generate tessels on posts, or even stop following certain users.

Overall, Gerenciagram is very useful, even for users who use their accounts for personal reasons rather than something more commercial. Definitely worth a try for yourself to check out all it has to offer.

Did you check the automatic?

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