How to cancel a purchase on Mercado Livre?

Mercado Livre is an incredible platform for those who work at home to earn fixed money or just make extra income at the end of the month. It is also great to shop on the internet, especially for products that are hard to find in other online stores. Only, of course, something can go wrong and you may need to cancel a purchase at Mercado Livre.

The good news is this is not a difficult process to carry out, but we advise that it does not take long after making your purchase. If you are unsure of how to cancel a purchase on the Free Market, just follow our step by step tutorial below!

Cancel a Free Market Purchase

After you make a purchase at Mercado Livre, you have the right to cancel it. This can happen for several reasons, either because you made a wrong purchase, regret it or even realize that the product was not exactly what you expected.

Cancellation can be done in a few steps, but it also depends on the seller. So don't expect it to be completely automatic and it will happen as soon as you request cancellation.

This is even done to protect the seller from a malicious buyer who cancels purchases after receiving the product. We know that this is not your case, so just follow the tutorial we set up.

Canceling your purchase

Well, to start you must open the Mercado Livre website, which can be done by accessing the link. Also remember to log in with the account that made the purchase you want to cancel.

That done, just proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: already on the Mercado Livre website and logged into your account, click on the option “Purchases”. She's right there on the homepage, so there's no way to lose sight.

cancel a purchase on Mercado Livre tips

Step 2: Once this is done, you will come across your most recent purchases made on that account. This includes the purchase you want to cancel, so find it by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen.

free market options

Soon after, click on “I need help” to move on.

Step 3: this will take you to a new help page, which is where we will ask to cancel the purchase of Mercado Livre. In this tab, you must choose the option “I have a problem with the product”.

cancel a purchase at Mercado Livre problem

If you choose the payment option, this will take you to another help menu that does not have the possibility of cancellation.

Step 4: Now, you must click on the option “I want to cancel the purchase”. If your problem fits better with the other options offered, feel free to click on them first.

cancel a purchase at Mercado Livre options

Step 5: on the next screen, you will be asked if you have already received the product or not. This is very important, so be honest.

free market screen with red border box showing product reception options

Step 6: as we mentioned before, you cannot automatically cancel a purchase on Mercado Livre. Therefore, the website asks you to speak to the seller and inform that you have given up on the product.

In this way, he can carry out this cancellation and return his money.

cancellation screen with red border box highlighting the button

Step 7: finally, you will just have to send a message to the buyer saying that you want to cancel a purchase from Mercado Livre. Of course, it’s good to send a more detailed message explaining why.

chat screen with seller

Now you just need to wait for the seller to respond and, if necessary, give them more details about the cancellation. If he ignores you or does not take this action, you can make a complaint with Mercado Livre to proceed.

But other than that, the cancellation should take place normally and you will get your money back. If you already have the product in hand, you will probably only have to return it to the seller by post or a delivery made in person.

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