How to change name in Instagram in 5 steps

If you want to increase your follower base, you need to learn how to change name on Instagram! In the social network, virtually everything you change influences the algorithm.

This username is not only there to serve as your login. Like Instagram hashtags, you can also be found in searches because of it. But nobody will find your biography on Instagram if your real name is Filipe Salles, but your user is @ gatinhorj007.

Especially if your goal is to sell on Instagram.

This means that the main advantage you have in discovering how to rename Instagram is to make it easier for users to find you. Also, a proper name will make it look more professional.

Having a username that inspires professionalism is essential if you are trying to make money on Instagram as a digital leverage.

The same may have said if you want to create an Insta for your company.  For example, will not it look suspicious if the username is @ appsgratis9248?

In short, if you found this article looking for how to change name in Instagram with professional goals, keep your user as close to the real one as possible.

In what other situations may it be necessary to learn how to change name on Instagram?

Not everyone is looking to gain followers on Instagram or be a pro. Accidents happen and you may also end up needing to learn. After all, problems like typos are quite common.

If this is your case or just plain bored with your username, stay tuned for the next few lines. Let’s show you how to change name in Instagram in a complete step-by-step, with screen prints to help you in the process.

Read below and learn!

How to change name in Instagram

1 – Open the app and go to your profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen;

how to change name in instagram start

2 – click in Edit profile;

access the edit profile

3 – Touch User name;

how to change name in instagram name

4 – Switch to the name that suits you best;

make the exchange

5 – Click the confirmation icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

how to change name in instagram confirm

Okay, now you already know how to change name on Instagram!

How to gain followers?

As you saw in the step-by-step above, there is no mystery to learning how to change name in Instagram.

Although very simple, following this little guide will increase your chances of being found in the searches, which can become new followers. This is just one more of the proven tactics to improve your social networking profile.

To help you in this task of gaining new followers, services like Gerenciagram facilitate two of the most laborious processes: interacting and scheduling posts.

Through automatic interactions, the application will search posts and profiles that publish content with hashtags and locations, enjoying and following their publications. It also allows you to search for competing or public profiles similar to yours for this type of interaction.

When you enjoy posts and follow profiles, the author receives a notification, and can follow you back. When Gerenciagram interacts, you increase your chances of gaining new followers.

In addition, your tool to schedule posts ends with the need to program alarms to publish your content. Just send your publication to the feed or Stories and say on what day and time it should be published. From there, Gerenciagram will do the service, leaving you with more free time to work on what matters.

Other features include built-in reports that track your profile growth and send auto-directs to new followers, among others.

Are you interested in what Gerenciagram has to offer?

So enjoy that the platform offers 5 days of FREE tests for new users, with all the features released!

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