How to contact Mercado Livre?

Mercado Livre is an excellent site for both those who want to buy and those who want to sell products on the internet. It offers the chance to find products and services that you would not see in other online stores, but it is also great for those who work at home and want to earn fixed money from their sales or just extra income at the end of the month. Only of course you may have a problem or doubt and need to contact Mercado Livre at some point.

Since not everyone knows exactly the best channels or ways to do this, we’ve made a special guide to it. So, if you are in doubt about how to contact Mercado Livre, check out the tips below!

Contacting the Free Market

The truth is that contacting Mercado Livre is slightly easy, but there are several ways you can do this. So, it’s best to decide what is the most convenient way for you to do this.

We will detail these different ways in the following topics:

1. Contact by website

The simplest way to contact Mercado Livre is through their official website. Exactly the same you use to make your purchases or sales in your profile.

To check the site, just access the following link, but we recommend that you already log in to your account to speed up the process. Then click on the "Contact" option.

contact the free market through the website

Now just choose which topic you want to discuss in this contact with the Free Market. There are options for purchases, sales, security and your account settings.

Most options only take you to other menus with common questions about those subjects. This can help you if you have a simpler question that can be resolved like this.

contact options in Mercado Livre

We recommend that you do this before attempting to contact Mercado Livre directly. If none of the options help you, click on "Contact us", as this is the direct contact option.

In doing so, you must choose the topic of the subject, be it about your sales or purchases. Then, you can further specify the subject and then decide if you want to send a message with your question, if you want to chat with an attendant or if you prefer a telephone contact.

free market options

This is entirely up to you, so choose what you think is most convenient for your question. It is worth mentioning that the telephone and chat contact only occurs during business hours.

2. Contact by app

If you prefer, you can also make the same contact through the Mercado Livre application. The options you find there are exactly the same as those on the website, so the only advantage is for those who prefer to use the app instead of the website itself.

Either way, you can access the contact menu by opening the app's options menu. There, you will find must click on "Help".

program menu, with a red border box highlighting the Help option

This will take you to that same menu that will ask you what the reason for your contact is. Select the options that have to do with your case and you will see the options for contacting Mercado Livre.

Using your smartphone, you can choose to send a message, speak via WhatsApp or even make or receive a call from Mercado Livre.

screen showing options to request a call

Again, direct contact options work only during business hours. So choose the one that makes the most sense for what you prefer.

And if you use Mercado Livre as a source of income, we suggest taking a look at our digital banking guide. So you have a better option to organize your finances!

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