How to create a free website [Guia Completo 2020]

Having a business on the internet is cheaper than you think and there are plenty of tools for that. As much as investing in your business is necessary at some point, you can get started without spending a dime. It is perfectly possible to learn how to create a free website, even without experience in development or web design.

In addition, knowing how to create a free website will allow you to do various tests and experiments. That way, you can leave the site with your face, or, better yet, extremely attractive for your future customers.

There are several free platforms to create a website. One of them is Zyro, which we will use for this tutorial. In the next few paragraphs, you will learn how to create a free website using the platform. In addition to the step by step, we will also show you some business options to start making money, allowing you to work from home without any problem.

In the end, we'll also show you some tips on what to do at this early stage to receive your first customers and earn the extra income you need for your new online business to start growing.

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How to create a free website: step by step

1 – Click on the link and open a Zyro account on the button Join Zyro;

2 – After completing the registration process, click Create a free website on the home page;

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3 – The first step is to choose a theme, which is the template of the homepage that you will start to customize to learn how to create a free website. To see how each model looks on the computer or smartphone screen, click Preview;

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4 – Did you find the right model for you? Then go to Start creating and enter the Zyro customization screen.

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5 – Now is the time to start using the customization tools that Zyro offers to learn how to create a free website. You can move elements around the screen to position them where you prefer. You can also remove any element by dragging it off the screen.

To change the text of any element, just click on it or press the button Edit Text. Here, you can place the font you want, increase or decrease the text, and choose whether it will be bold or italic.

edit text

6 – To change your store’s background, click Change background.

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Here, you can change the image to a predominant color or send one from your own computer. To make this choice, click Color or Image. If you have the second option, click Replace image to make the switch.

change image

It is worth mentioning that Zyro also has a free image bank, which you can use on your new website.

7 – Next to the button that allows you to change the background, you will find three smaller buttons with the following options:

  • Edit Section: allows you to edit the way the grids (which you can see scattered on the page in the previous images) are shown or even if they will appear;
  • Duplicate: duplicates the section, ideal for when you need to replicate an element without having to keep copying and pasting;
  • Remove: removes any element that you think is unnecessary.

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8 – In addition to changing the background or the different sections of your website, you can also add other elements that are not included in the template you chose. To do this, click Add elements in the menu at the top of the page.

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9 – Here, you can add text boxes, menu buttons, include free images or videos, uploaded from your computer or imported from YouTube and icons for your social media. Just click, hold the button and drag the element to your page.

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10 – Unless you are learning how to create a free website just to create a form for capturing email contacts – the famous ones landing pages -, it is very likely that you want your site to go beyond a home page.

To add more pages to your site, click Home, followed by Add New Page.

add page

By clicking on the button, you will have the option to create the page from scratch or replicate the template you already use on the home page. If it is the first time that you are creating websites, mainly without the help of an expert, it is more interesting to repeat the previous model.

11 – You already know how to use all the editing tools that Zyro provides. Take a few hours to practice using the tool and leave the site the way you want. By clicking Preview, you can see how the site will look on the screen of computer internet browsers.

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If you want to see what it will look like on a smartphone screen, click on the icon shown below.

predicted on cell

12 – When your site under construction looks satisfactory, click Publish Website to put it online;

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13 – You now have two options. The first is to associate your site with the free domain that Zyro offers. If so, you will create a website that will have the address (your site name)

If you already have a paid domain, just select the second option. However, it is important to remember that Zyro accepts its own domain only for paid platform subscribers, who will also have access to extra features.

If your goal is just to learn how to create a free website, then you should choose the first option. click in Continues to proceed and finally publish your site!

choose your free domain name

Now, it's time to give you some tips on the types of pages you can make when learning how to create a website. They all offer ways to be monetized, giving you the chance to kick-start a new digital business that allows you to earn extra income working from home.

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4 ways to make money by knowing how to create a website

When we talk about earning extra money on the internet, we automatically think of digital influencers and bloggers. Very popular on social networks, they represent just one way to generate extra income over the internet.

There are at least three other ways to achieve this goal and your website can adopt any one of them. Find out what are the following ways.

1. Publipost

A source of income for many bloggers, publipost is nothing more than a sponsored post. In this model, the company hires the site to create an article talking about the characteristics and advantages of a product from whoever hired you.

In other words, the company is betting on its digital influence to convince its readers to know the product. In this model, payment is made for the material, but it is also possible to receive commissions for sales made through the link that the company offered you.

Learn more about this model in the next item.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You don't have to rely on other companies to make money from your website. You can use affiliate marketing to generate extra passive income. How does it work?

You can sign up on affiliate platforms like Eduzz or Hotmart. There, you can search for products that are within the niche of your site. When you sign up for these products' affiliate programs, you receive a link that you can place on articles on the websites or blogs you have created.

When a visitor clicks on that link, a cookie is saved in your internet browser. Those Cookies they are nothing more than temporary files, used to load a page faster the next time you access it. When the visitor buys the product he is selling as an affiliate, you receive a commission percentage.

It is worth remembering that it is not necessary for the visitor to make the purchase the moment he clicks the link. If he ponders and decides to buy the product the other day, for example, you still receive the commission on account of cookie installed. The only way this will not happen is if it cleans the Cookies browser before making a purchase.

3. AdSense ads

You may have seen them while browsing this article. These Google ads can be placed anywhere on your site and make it possible for you to earn money from clicks on it. See an example of an AdSense ad here on our own website:

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These ads are not the same for every visitor. In fact, they are displayed according to the interests and search history of anyone who accesses the page. If the ad above is about digital marketing, for example, it is because I have already searched and visited websites on the subject.

Whenever a visitor clicks on these Google AdSense ads, you passively earn money from the website you create.

4. Sale of products

Your website doesn't have to be just about content. As much as creating blogs is an interesting way to work at home being your own boss, your main flaw is taking a considerable amount of time before you start to see the money come in.

With a virtual store, the situation changes a little. Because you are dedicated to sales, you are more likely to see money coming in less quickly.

On the other hand, it is worth considering that it is unlikely to generate passive income, since it will be necessary to update the offer and bring new products to increase your income. Something that happens less frequently on blogs.

Still, having a trade on the internet is the best alternative for those who already work with sales and want to have their own store on the internet. Learning how to create a free website is the first step in achieving this!

What to do in the first months of the site's life?

One of the main points that many give up doing business on the internet is not understanding how it works. In the list below, we'll tell you what you need to do to start increasing traffic to your website and being successful in your digital endeavor.

Check it out below!

  • Define a niche before you start: don't try to sell everything and compete with the biggest ecommerce sites. You have no chance to compete. So, choose a smaller niche to serve, whether on a content site or online store;
  • Study with marketing authorities digital: it is essential that you have the help of experts in digital marketing. They will teach you what you need to learn to have a successful business;
  • Create constant content: many sites cease to exist because they give up producing content. Creating articles is one of the best ways to improve your Google search positioning. With more visitors, your chances of making sales increase, even if you chose to focus on a virtual store.
  • Learn how to use Google Analytics: one of the best reporting tools for websites, Google Analytics is able to generate all types of reports in relation to the visits you receive on your website, as well as the behavior of your visitors. Invest in a course on the platform to get the most out of it!

Did you learn how to create a free website?

By knowing how to create a free website, you are better prepared to learn how to conduct a business over the internet.

This way, you will be paving the way for a life with more freedom, especially if you feel that the model of working during business hours is not in line with your lifestyle.

To learn how to create a free website and get started, click the link right now and start using Zyro!

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