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How to create a free website on Google? [Passo a passo]

How to create a free website on Google? [Passo a passo]

You probably know Google because of its search engine and its various tools. They range from the Google Calendar calendar app to the Google Drive cloud storage service, in addition to Gmail itself. But did you know that you can learn how to create a free website on Google?

That's right, it is possible to have a website of yours without paying anything. Although not as famous as other tools for creating websites like WordPress, Google's Blogger is ideal for starting your own website, especially for those who intend to become a blogger.

Having your own website allows you to work over the internet, creating chances of generating extra income by making money online. If you've always thought about having your own blog, but don't have the money to invest in domain and hosting, learning how to create a free website on Google can be your best alternative.

For this, check out our step by step below!

How to create a free website on Google: step by step

The first step is to access Blogger via the link and log in to your Google account. You will be taken directly to the Blogger platform. In the upper right area, click New blog

blogger screen with arrows pointing to the new blog button, allowing you to create a free website on google

Give your site a title.

create your free website name on google

Now, indicate what the URL will be. For creating a free website, the domain must be “”. Domains “” or “.com” are necessarily paid and it is impossible to have a free website with them.

indicate your free website url on google

Then, you will need to choose a theme. The theme is the way your blog will look, including the parts where the texts will be positioned, menus and buttons. click in Theme to continue.

access the theme menu

Scroll through the screen until you find a model that interests you. Click on it and then choose Personalize to include a background image, in addition to choosing the predominant color of the theme.

choose a free website template and click on customize

You can choose an image from the Google library or upload an image from your computer. Regardless of your selection, click Concluded to continue learning how to create a free website on Google.

customize your site for free on google

These are some of the basic customization options. We recommend that you explore all the options and check out what Blogger has to offer. For the moment, however, we will return to the home page. click in Layout to define how the different elements that will compose your site will be arranged.

choose the layout option

This is where you will define what will be written in the header, identify yourself by means of the signature and assemble the list of pages on your website, among others. Customize the layout the way you planned your site. When finished, click on the small floppy disk icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

free website layout customization options on google

To configure details such as the description of your site, whether it will be available for search engines and even how many posts will be available on the home page, access the menu settings.

blogger alyout screen with arrow pointing to the settings option, in the left side menu of the page

After setting up basic elements of your website, it's time to create your first post! To do this, click the button + New Post.

blogger screen with arrows pointing to the new post button

This is the time to activate your apps to make everyday life more productive and focus on the first post after learning how to create a free website on Google!

What to do after publishing the site.

From here, your free website will be online. If you have left your pages visible to be found by search engines, then soon the first visitors will start arriving. Of course, keep producing quality content to keep your visitors on your page as long as possible.

But don't just wait! Make sure to publicize your new site to everyone and ask them to share your content! In this way, you accelerate the growth of your blog.

However, it is worth mentioning that using services like Blogger are great to get you started. However, once they start to grow, you will need more essential tools for websites.

So always think about the future and keep your website's growth in perspective. To learn more about creating websites to improve yours, be sure to check out our selection of the best online courses on websites!

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