How to create a virtual card for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is no longer just a messaging app between friends or relatives. For many, it has become a powerful sales tool. To convey confidence and professionalism, it became necessary to learn how to create a virtual card for WhatsApp.

If you use WhatsApp Business, for example, this becomes an even more urgent need as it becomes an official service channel. Of course paying a professional is indicated, but not everyone has the money to invest in a professional designer.

At the same time, getting a tool for designers can make it too complex a task, taking so long that it also becomes an unfeasible solution.

Therefore, we mix the best of both worlds. Through an app called Canva, we'll teach you step by step how to create a visual card for WhatsApp on this site to create online art.

Check out the walkthrough below!

How to create a virtual card for WhatsApp in Canva

1 – Click on the link to access Canva and create your registration;

2 – Choose button Create a design;

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3 – Now select the option Custom Dimensions;

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4 – Enter the measurements 1080px x 1920px and click Create design;

home screen canvava, in the early stages of creating a design

5 – In the bar with the words fetch templates, type the term business card;

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6 – Choose one of the available models;

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Then click the button. Upload an image or video and send your logo in the best resolution possible.

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Insert your logo in the place that looks best to you. You can now edit the elements of the current template or include yours. To place pictures or icons on your card, choose the option Elements in the side menu and review the icon options that Canva offers.

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You can enter text boxes if the template you choose doesn't have enough. To do this, simply choose Text in the side menu.

canva edit screen with arrow pointing where section to insert text boxes is

From here, you already have the elements and how to create a virtual card for WhatsApp. The rest will depend on your creativity, just go to the menus mentioned above and use the search bar to enter what you need.

In the next section of this text, we will list the key elements that your WhatsApp virtual card cannot do without.

What should be present on your virtual card

  • Company logo;
  • Your name;
  • Your job title;
  • Contact information;
  • Your address if you have a physical store.

Any other information will be extra, depending only on its importance to your business. However, it is important to remember that the business card is a small space and if it fills you with information, it will not be pleasing in the eyes of your customers.

So just focus on getting the most important information for this lead to contact.

Finished creating your card? Then click the download button for Canva!

canva edit screen with arrow pointing where the download button is

Learn how to use Canva with our tips!

Canva is one of the best tools for those who need to create images for a business, but don't have the resources to hire a professional.

That's why we usually use it to help you save money while creating professional images that convey professionalism.

Did you enjoy using Canva but would like to learn more? Then check out this guide with tips you probably don't know about the app!

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