How to create a website for yourself? Check out these 5 platforms

Learning how to create a website for yourself was on the verge of impossible 10 or 15 years ago.

Glad you want to learn that these days. Today, it is much easier to learn how to create a website for yourself. In fact, there are plenty of platforms to guide you through this process. So we will show some of these platforms throughout the article.

Before that, let's show you the three steps you need to take to get a page up and create websites.

Learning how to create a website for yourself can be a good way to work from home, whether it's to change careers and start making money online or just make extra income complementary to your conventional job.

It is worth mentioning that the site can be used to set up an online store, create your own news portal or create a blog.

Now, see below how to create a website for yourself and get to know the best platforms on the market!

What do I need to start a website?

The first thing to keep in mind when starting to design a website in your head is that it will need a domain. What does that mean?

Domain is the extension you see after the name of each website. When accessing AppTuts, for example, you can notice that it ends in “.net”. In other words, this “.net” is our domain. In addition, subscribing to a domain means that the name of your website is reserved for you, if you have not already registered the name.

Like him, there are also a multitude of domains. The main one here in Brazil is “”, which identifies to Google that it is a country website. The “.com” or the “.net” are international domains, usually understood as sites in English.

If not, it will be necessary to indicate to Google that the site is in Portuguese. But this is a more complex subject and you probably won't need to understand it when learning how to create a website for yourself.

The domain is the first thing you should think about before creating sites and you can see if the name you imagine for the site is available by accessing

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Where to host my website?

Internet pages are not spontaneously generated. Nor are they suspended in the air or out of nowhere. To create a website and allow visitors to access it, you need to host your website on a server.

These servers store your page, in addition to keeping them online. Many of these services also allow you to create professional email and may even have your own website builder.

On the other hand, the ideal is that you build your website on specialized platforms. In them, you have access to more elements and can apply more customizations, making the possibilities in the creation of your website greater.

Still, it is necessary to use a hosting service, even if you do not choose to use the builder of these platforms.

There are paid and free platforms. If you want to learn how to create a website for yourself just to try it out, you can use the free services. Now, if your intention is to make extra income professionally, it is interesting that you hire a paid service.

5 best platforms for creating websites

Below are some of the best platforms for creating websites and blogs and start bringing the pages that are in your imagination to life!

1. Bagy

If you already have an important presence on social media – especially on Instagram! – and makes direct sales there, Bagy is one of the best options for you.

It allows you to learn how to create websites for yourself that resemble the Insta feed. In addition, you can integrate this site with your profile on the social network.

This means that you can create sales posts on social media and send your followers to complete the purchase on your website.

An important extra to consider is that Bagy's support team can take care of integrating your website to Facebook and Instagram, making your job easier when learning how to create websites for yourself.

Click the link to start using Bagy!

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2. WordPress

If you want to learn how to create websites for yourself because you want to build a blog, then WordPress is the best alternative for you. Free – even if you still need to hire domain and hosting – it allows you to make several customizations.

However, you can do this easily, since WordPress has its own collection of free themes to get started.

In addition, it is possible to install plugins, which are programs that can optimize some factors of your website, such as optimization for search engines or the inclusion of an online chat.

Click on the link to access WordPress and also see our complete list of the best plugins on the platform.

3. Wix

Initially a website specialized in helping people set up a virtual store, today it is possible to learn how to create a website for yourself of any kind.

Your website builder is one of the easiest to use, just drag and drop the elements from the Wix collection onto the pages you are creating, without needing to know programming.

To make the experience more complete, Wix also has a logo creator, which you can use to build your website and have the visual identity of your website at hand.

In other words, if you still don't know what type of website you will create, you can start experimenting using the elements of Wix itself.

Start using it by accessing the link!

4. Nuvemshop

Are you determined to learn how to make a website for yourself to set up your online store? So Nuvemshop is one of the most suitable platforms.

Like Wix, it also features “drag-and-drop” mechanics to place or remove elements on your website. Because it’s optimized for e-commerce, you’ll have an easier time managing your inventory, as well as including shopping cart and payment processing.

To learn more, click on the link right now to try Nuvemshop!

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5. Weebly

Wanting to learn how to create a website for yourself just to have a personal page without big goals, Weebly can be a good tool for you.

Free, you can create all kinds of websites, be it blogs, portfolios or online stores. It brings a collection with a great diversity of models to have its base. When choosing the template, you can start adding customizations and leaving the website in the format you want.

Because it is free, some tools are not available to users who choose not to purchase a subscription. Still, Weebly is a good alternative to start learning how to create a website for yourself.

Click the link to start using it right now!

Began to learn how to create a website for yourself?

With these platforms, this task is much easier, regardless of your objective. With them, it is possible to create a free website very quickly.

Having your own website is a good way to display your work, generate extra income through affiliation or display ads, among many other opportunities.

Want to learn more about how to produce websites and blogs? Then get to know these tools to create a logo for your website and develop the visual identity of your online business!

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