How to create a website to earn extra money?

With the coronavirus pandemic, many ended up losing their jobs or were prevented from selling services that require physical presence. To adapt, you can learn how to create a website to earn extra money.

Currently, you can create a simple website without much effort or investment. There are even platforms that allow you to create pages on the internet for free.

So, take the opportunity to reinvent yourself and see below how to create a website to earn extra money, the importance of having a strong visual identity and the main ways to make money from a website.

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How to create a website to earn extra money: what do you need?

There are a few steps you need to take to get an online website to start making money from it. Even before the creation of your website, you must develop your visual identity, a way to make visitors and customers recognize your brand, even when there is no name on it. The Wix Logo Maker is one of the easiest ways to start developing yours.

After defining your visual identity, you must choose a domain name in a service for hosting websites.

The domain name is nothing more than the identification of your website. It is the name that users will type into the address bar or click on the link to access.

To have a domain, you can first access the domain registration service offered by Wix. After finding a unique name for your website, you should hire a hosting service.

The hosting service is for your website as you are for your home or office. In other words, it is as if it were the “home” of your website. This is where your pages will be stored and where you will receive visits. It is impossible to have a website available without it being stored in a hosting.

With a chosen domain and hosting service, you will start building your website. Before that, however, there is a very important step: the creation of your logo and visual identity!

What does “visual identity” mean?

If you already work partly on the internet, you may have come across the term visual identity. What does it mean?

The visual identity is the graphic elements that you will use so that visitors and customers can recognize your brand, even when you are not selling to them.

Having a strong and striking visual identity is one of the best ways to “get in the head” of your audience. Successful brands even manage to superimpose their name on a product. If the first image that comes to your head when talking about soda is the Coca-Cola logo, it shows the strength of your visual identity.

Setting up the visual identity is one of the things you should do when learning how to create a website to earn extra money. The first step in the development of your visual identity is the creation of the logo. Here's what to consider when creating your own.

What to consider when creating a logo?

The first thing to consider when creating the logo and visual identity is the type of service or product you want to sell. If possible, the logo should show what your site is about.

By doing this, the visitor will know more easily what your product or service is. This makes the task of selling over the internet easier.

It is also important to understand current trends. By keeping them in mind when creating your logo, you avoid making your site look obsolete, even if you put it online yesterday. See some trends below.

1. Nominal and timeless logos

On the other hand, one of the main trends comes from the beginning of the internet: the nominal logos. Basically, these logos consist of initials or the full name of the company. Amazon, Netflix and Google are good examples, as their visual identity revolves around their own name.

Of course, the font used in each of them is personalized and created by your marketing team. You can use fonts already available or, if you have money to invest, hire a designer to do it for you.

amazon nominal logo

2. Changed typefaces

Believe me, the name of this type of logo is less complicated when you see it in an image. This trend is combined with the previous one, since it only serves the nominal logos.

In the previous one, the logo is composed of the name, all written in only one font. In this, one of the letters is written in a different font, causing contrast and attracting attention, as in the example below.

altered typographic character is a trend for those who want to create a website logo and earn extra income

3. 3D geometric shapes

Interesting for anyone looking to learn how to create a website to earn extra money with architectural or construction services. 3D printing and virtual reality technology are becoming a constant in everyday life.

Therefore, this type of logo seeks to bring three-dimensional shapes, in order to achieve different looks and perspectives in relation to your brand. As if it were any kind of surprise if you look at the logo.

3d geometric logo

These are just some of the trends for logos and visual identity in 2020. To learn more, be sure to check out this article.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that creating a logo is not as difficult as it looks. If hiring a professional is out of the question, there are several platforms that allow you to create your logo on your own. Click on the link to learn more about the Wix Logo Maker.

How to make money from your website?

There is not only one way to monetize your web pages. In fact, there is no shortage of ways to learn how to create a website to earn extra income.

Below are the main ways to make money from your website.

  • Sell ​​products and services online: you can use the site as your own virtual store;
  • Sell ​​content: if you chose to create a blog, it is possible to sell sponsored posts from companies related to the subjects you cover;
  • Affiliate Marketing: a mix between sales and content, affiliate marketing allows you to include links to sell products in the middle of an article and receive commissions whenever a visitor clicks and purchases.

Finally, the last step in learning how to create a website to earn extra income is to set it up with your own hands!

Wix is ​​one of the most suitable platforms, especially if you are a beginner and do not have deep knowledge in design and programming.

Visit the Wix website to learn more about creating websites and online stores!

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