How to Create a Website: use these platforms to make your own

Learning how to create a website has been a very difficult task in the past. Especially if I hadn't taken any courses in HTML or web design.

Fortunately, we’re here in 2020 and you don’t have to worry about any of that. Of course, if you intend to become a professional in creating web sites, you will need to go deeper into the subject and learn the details.

If this is your goal, this text is not for you.

Our goal here is to present to those who don't have time to study web design, but want their company to have a presence on the web. After all, online sales are a great way to make money, especially for those who prefer to work from home, rather than a physical store.

Next, we'll show you the three steps you need to take to start learning how to create a website. Then, we will show you some of the best platforms to create websites where you can do yours simply and quickly.

So stay with us for a few more minutes and check it out below!

Step # 1: Register a domain

Do you already know what kind of website you are going to create? It doesn't matter if you are creating websites to set up an online store or your intention is to learn how to create a blog, everyone needs to register a domain on the web.

What is this domain?

It will be your website address, which will take the name you choose, followed by one of the extensions that the registry offers. For example, the common thing is to register a website with the ending “” on the page. This domain is understood by search engines as exclusively Brazilian, appearing more frequently in searches made by users in our country.

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Other extensions like ".com" or ".net" are international and you will need to tell search engines which countries your site will appear in the search results for.

After checking if the domain name you chose is available and registering, it is time to choose a hosting service.

Step # 2: Choose hosting

Hosting is the service that stores the information on your website, as well as being responsible for keeping it available on the internet.

Your professional email accounts are also created and managed through a hosting service.

For performing such an important service – if the websites of major retailers are down for 10 minutes, for example, it is enough to lose millions in sales – you must choose and research very well the platform you will hire to host your website.

To help you in this endeavor, check the link for some of the best hosting services available today.

Step # 3: 3 platforms to learn how to create a website

The two steps above are important to get your website base ready. From here, you will need to choose a platform to create websites. Most of them are simple and easy to use, allowing you to create your page in minutes.

For that very reason, we will show you some of the best ones to follow. That way, you will be able to work on the strategic aspects of your website such as discovering sources of extra income, instead of pulling your hair out due to bureaucratic problems.

Discover the following platforms!

1. Bagy

If you are interested in creating sales sites to make money on Instagram, Bagy may be the ideal solution. Its service is not as robust, but it allows you to create an ecommerce fully integrated with the Instagram Shopping tool, which allows you to put price tags on products posted on the platform.

Its interface is simple and easy to use. In addition, the Bagy team helps you assemble what you need to start using Instagram's shopping platform!

So, click on the link to learn more about Bagy!

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Which platform is the best for building websites?

The steps to learn how to create a website are short, but require care. After all, it will be the foundation of your online business and probably your primary way of making money online on a daily basis.

Bagy is ideal for those who already sell through social networks and need a website to process and increase the number of payment methods for their customers, a good option for those who have a digital bank account.

Wix is ​​interesting to create virtual stores and websites of any type, being a kind of wildcard.

Finally, WordPress is interesting for anyone who wants to live from publishing content on the internet. At the same time, it is also possible to use it to create virtual stores or even both options simultaneously.

Are you taking advantage of the quarantine to develop new online business ideas? Comment with us and also see our list of the best applications to improve the positioning of your site in Google searches!

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