How to create a website with domain and hosting?

Many have lost their source of income because of the coronavirus quarantine and are unsure how to make money. One of the best ways to do this is knowing how to create a website with domain and hosting, so you can start selling products or simply use it as a blog.

Check here the main reasons to create a website, find the best platform for it and check out our tutorial!

1. Why create a website?

There are several reasons for creating a website, some of which probably didn't even cross your mind when you decided to do this. Here, we will list the main reasons that can motivate you to create websites.

Increased credibility

The first of the best reasons is the fact that having a good website will increase your company's credibility and the confidence that your target audience will have in you.

This is because of the professional image that a website gives, since it is possible to have all kinds of information about your brand, such as contact methods, history and objectives.

Greater exposure

Having a functional, attractive and well-made website is a sure way to reach more potential customers, since when someone searches for a service you offer, they have a better chance of Google or other search services recommending you.

This will make it easier for you to make money from the number of new customers and consumers. With a website, your reach becomes your city, your state or even the entire country!


There are a few other reasons why you may want to learn how to create a domain and hosting site. They are listed below:

  • The company now has a longer operating time, in a way, since when accessing the site people can clarify doubts and decide to make purchases.
  • Your marketing is more economical, since you only have to direct readers to your website to obtain information;
  • Easy maintenance and alteration of your catalogs, menus and portfolios
  • Possibility for your customers to place orders online, very good since many people don't like to talk on the phone (and others may want to place orders at night, outside business hours);
  • Strengthening your brand. Online presence is increasingly necessary today, helping to increase its exposure and reliability;
  • Low investment. It is necessary to spend very little at the beginning and even less each month. The profit that this will bring you far outweighs your expenses and allows you to make a lot of extra income.

2. Which platform to use?

Anyone who wants to start working at home when learning how to create a website with a domain and hosting needs to first decide which platform to use. There are several free and paid options and all are quite complete, with several benefits each.

Blogger, Wix, WordPress and Zyro are the four that we will cover in this section, being the best and best known for those who want to create websites without the help of an expert. All of them have different functionalities that allow their users to create e-commerce sites or personal blogs, for example.

Which platform to use?

  • The first of these is Blogger, a completely free tool offered by Google. It offers you hosting, gives you a domain (with and has integration with Google Adsense, being a good option;
  • Wix is ​​probably the best known on this list and offers a free plan (which does not allow the use of its own domain). But, as it is quite cheap and has hosting without you having to pay anything, it is an attractive option for anyone who wants to at least test how the site will look;
  • To create a blog, is probably the most popular platform. With it, you can create complete websites, personal or business blogs and everything in a very customizable way. To use it, it is necessary to have a basic notion of programming, which is a negative point for those who no longer have and do not want to have to take online courses to create the site;
  • Finally, we have Zyro, which is the most recommended tool for you who want to create a website with domain and hosting. It offers a free plan, but where it really looks good is paid plans that are really cheap and good. It also has a generator of slogans and logo, in addition to many aids in SEO optimization.

3. What is Zyro?

If you want to learn how to create a website with domain and hosting, Zyro is possibly the best platform. It offers all the best tools so that you can easily create the page you want. Better yet, it offers 24/7 support for users, making it very easy to solve problems.

It has solutions for projects of any scale, be it the website of your bakery, your national company or your multinational company. Through Zyro, you can create the perfect website for the brand!

What is Zyro? How to create a website with domain and hosting

Why use it?

The reasons why it is recommended that you use Zyro to create a website with domain and hosting are almost endless. It has the easiest way to create websites, it is extremely powerful and complete, it allows anyone to use it without having any knowledge of programming and design and much more.

You can find a wide range of templates from professional designers, which can help to simplify the creation of your website. But, if you prefer not to use any base, from scratch, it is also perfectly possible.

The editing of your creations takes place through a simplified screen, where you can drag and drop the elements to configure. In addition, you can use a proprietary AI Writer to automatically generate texts for your website (but, unfortunately, it only works by generating texts in English).

Other extremely positive points are that the site you create using Zyro will always load really fast, which helps to get new visitors and keep old visitors, in addition to everything that is created will be automatically optimized for smartphones, be they Android or iPhone.

The site will be optimized in SEO by Zyro himself, which will help you save time and make him appear at the top of search engines.

It also offers you an SSL certificate to help secure the site. Finally, it offers its own free hosting for all who use the platform to create their website!

What plans are offered?

At Zyro, you can choose from five different plans. However, only a framework of them is a viable option for those who want to create a website with domain and hosting.

Plans are the Free, which has no cost, Basic, at a cost of $ 1.99 per month, the Premium, which is only $ 3.49 a month, the Ecommerce, at a cost of $ 14.99 per month and the Ecommerce +, which reaches $ 21.99 a month.

At the Free, the bandwidth and storage offered are restricted to just 500MB. In addition, you can not connect your domain and has advertisements, in addition to several other limitations imposed.

At the Basic, bandwidth is restricted to 3 GB and storage to only 1 GB. In addition, it does not offer free on your domain for the first year and has several other limitations.

At the Premium, just like in Basic, you have no advertisements. In addition, bandwidth and storage have no restrictions, it gives you a free year for your domain in addition to some other advantages, being ideal for companies that do not sell online.

At the Ecommerce, you have access to many tools dedicated to selling online, such as online payments. However, it is limited to 100 products in your store, in addition to having no history of the cart and not having some other benefits.

Finally, in the Ecommerce +, you can sell as many products as you want, have your store in any language, sell on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon and more, making it ideal for large online stores.


4. How to use Zyro to create a website?

Now, finally, we will teach you the complete process of how to create a website with domain and hosting so that you can work over the internet and make extra income.

Create account

To start the process of creating your own website, it is necessary to create your account. To do this, go to the official website of the platform. On the home page, click the “Join Zyro” in the upper right corner to be redirected to the registration mode selection screen.

You can choose to register using your email address, connecting with your Google or Facebook account. If you have chosen to register with the email, create a strong password for the account, enter your name and click "Create an account".

In case you don't want to receive emails from Zyro, remember to uncheck the box that says "I would like to be added to Zyro's mailing list".

Creating the first website

With your account created, we will now show you how to create a website with domain and hosting by Zyro. You will see a screen that will welcome you and offer help to create the site. click in "Start" to continue.

Creating the first website How to create a website with domain and hosting

In the selection screen, you can choose the desired template for the website. Choose what you think best fits your goals, click "Preview" to see how it will look on internet browsers or smartphones and click “Start creating” to follow.

Preview How to create a website with domain and hosting

Website editor

Now, you will be in the website editor, the tool you will use to edit and adjust all the elements of your page, adding new ones as you want or if necessary.

Website editor How to create a website with domain and hosting

  • Repositioning: The existing elements can be repositioned by clicking and dragging them;
  • Text editing: Texts can be edited by clicking on it and clicking "Edit texts";
  • Editing sections: Sections can be edited by clicking on the gear at the top of each;
  • Adding sections: It is possible to add new sections by clicking on the “Add section”, between each of the existing ones;
  • Adding elements: Click at the top of the screen on the “Add elements” to add text, images, buttons, maps and more;
  • AI writer: On the right of the screen is the “AI editor”, which generates texts in English automatically;
  • Site menu: At the top left is the "Home", where you can add new pages to the site;
  • Preview: To see how the site looked and if it is working so that you can make extra income, click on the "Preview";

Domain choice

A fundamental part of the process for those who want to know how to create a website with a domain and hosting, choosing the site name is more difficult than it seems. The domain is your virtual brand, accompanied by an extension such as "", ".com", ".net" or ".org".

To choose your domain, you can use the website if you want a “”. Through it, it is possible to see availability and buy. However, if you want international extension, you can buy through Zyro itself!

Below are the main recommendations for website domains:

  • It must be simple, short and easy to remember;
  • It should not have two identical letters together to avoid confusion, as in “”;
  • Avoid using long names, such as “”. Prefer, for example, "";
  • Do not use trademarks in your domain, such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Microsoft.

Publishing the site

Now that you have finished creating your website and have already purchased the domain, the final step is publishing. To do this, click “Publish site” in the upper right corner of the screen.

On that screen, you must then add your already purchased domain or buy a new one to finish the process!

Did you like our guide on how to create a website with domain and hosting?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the guide, in addition to saying if you already knew Zyro or if you used another tool. Don't forget to check out how to choose the right digital bank for you and how to deal with boredom in quarantine.

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