How to create a website with Drupal? [Guia Completo]

If you're in the mood for extra income and can work from home, considering developing a website is a good option. In this article, we will make a guide on how to create a website with Drupal, one of the best platforms for this.

If you're interested in it, just read on to find out everything about it and how to use it!

1. What is Drupal?

For those who want to create a complete website completely free of charge, Drupal is one of the best options, being very similar to It is an open source CMS, allowing programming experts to edit the code as they wish.

CMS (Content Management System, or Content Management System) is an online system that allows you to put a website online in a practical and fast way. It also allows you to manage your content dynamically, making it ideal for anyone who wants to create a blog or an online store, for example.

It is developed and maintained by an international community, with frequent updates.

What is Drupal? how to create a website with Drupal

What can I do with Drupal?

With this the Drupal CMS is possible to create a website in the format you want, since it is a very flexible and complete tool. Among the most common (and simple to create) options found in it are the possibility of creating websites, creating blogs, developing your own forum or even an e-commerce.

No matter how complex or how much data your creation will have to contend with, Drupal is possible. Provides fast loading of all pages with great security. It is available in several languages, including ours and is accessible, so that it can be managed and edited by people with disabilities.

If you want, you can also add chats to the website, using one of the best chat modules for websites in Drupal.

Finally, since it is developed in PHP and MySQL it is possible to do what you want with it, adding from several modules that are very similar to WordPress plugins.

2. How to install and create a website on Drupal

Okay, now that it is explained what it is, we will explain the step by step how to create a website with Drupal, which, in fact, is quite a simple task.

How to install it?

There are two main ways to install Drupal: using the automatic installer that comes with most hosting services or installing it manually, which is more complicated, but offers more options.

In the first case, just access the hosting service control panel (cPanel), search for the auto installer and select the Drupal icon. After, just enter the requested information, such as username and password. If you do not find an auto installer, you will need to do this manually.

To install it manually is a bit more boring, but also completely plausible to do. First, go to their official website to download the file, which can be done by hovering the mouse over the "Try Drupal" and then on "Download". Now click on “Download Drupal zip” For download.

download how to create a website with Drupal

Extract the files and transfer it to your hosting service account through Cpanel. This upload must be done in the right way, usually the "Public_html".

In order to follow on how to create a website with Drupal, it is necessary to create a database, which is usually the MySQL. This can be done in a few clicks, very quickly. With that, the installation can really begin. Choose which version you want to use, the standard or the minimum.

The standard installation is the one that comes with the main features, making it ideal for newbies in creating websites. The minimum is one that comes with few things, being particularly recommended for more advanced developers.

Now, it is necessary to confirm information about the servers and insert the data from the database. Finally, choose the name of your website, your username and password to access and that's it, the installation is complete!

How to create a website with Drupal

With the installation done, it was time to create the website. Log in and you will come across Cpanel.

In this panel, you can add from several options: content, where you can manage files, content and comments; structure, where you manage the types of content and menus and everything else; appearance, where you install themes; extensions, where you add new ones; settings; people, to add new users.

Creating content

In Drupal, the content is called taxonomy. To create them, just go to the structure, Click in taxonomy, Click in add vocabulary, write the name and description, click add terms, write the name, description, format and URl and click save. Repeat the previous steps to create other terms to create the taxonomy.

Creating new content how to create a website with Drupal

How to create articles

Now that you have finished how to create a website with Drupal, you need to add new articles. To do this, enter the control panel and click content. Then click add content is at article (or content type). Add the title, tags, body, text format, images and more.

In settings from the menu, you add URL review, authorship, publication, and structure information. Clicking to view, you will see how it will look. By clicking to save, you can publish them.

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