How to create a website with Joomla? [Passo a passo]

Anyone needing to make extra income may be considering creating a website. There are several platforms to do this, but in this article we will teach you how to create a website with Joomla!

Read on to see our step by step on how to accomplish this task, which is actually quite simple!

1. What is Joomla?

One of the best platforms available to anyone who wants to learn how to create a website, Joomla is completely free and open source (open source, in English), meaning you can change your code however you like, as long as you know programming.

It can be used by anyone to create very complete websites, having been used to create the Harvard website, for example. It is a CMS, a way to easily manage your content. It has a wide selection of templates and extensions to leave everything as you wish.

2. How to create a website with Joomla?

Come on, so here's how to start using this excellent platform to create your perfect website.


To start, you need to install it on your hosting service, which can be done in a matter of minutes.

First, go to the hosting control panel and click on the “Auto Installer”. Then look for "Joomla!" in the search bar and click the icon. Now, with the installer open, enter all the relevant details of the site and click "Install" to finish the process!

Installing How to create a website with Joomla

Add new articles

With Joomla installed, we will now show you how to add articles to your site. Go to the Joomla admin panel by placing / administrator after the URL and follow. Now enter the username and password you created in the previous step and you will be on the Admin page.

Add new articles How to create a website with Joomla

Click the button that says "Content, hover over the item management option and click the "Add new article". With that, an editor will appear, through which you can format and add texts, links and images to articles. Just click "To save" to publish it!

With it created and published, you can find it in the section "Latest Articles".

Create categories

Another important step in how to create a website with Joomla is the creation and addition of new categories, so that your readers can find what they want more easily. They are particularly good for differentiating website content. For example, one of informational articles and one of sales, to make extra income with the website.

To create them, you need to click "Content”On the admin panel and then “Categories, Click in "Add new category". Add the URL, title and description, remembering that only the title is needed, and click "To save" to finish creating it.

Create a contact page

Very important, especially for those who want to make money from your website, is to have a contact page through which people can talk to you and give you feedback.

To do this, first go to “Components and click "Contacts. click in "New", add all relevant information, such as the page name and contact details, and include a description in the “Miscellaneous information”. To finish, click "To save"

Install extensions

Another step on how to create a website with Joomla is to use its various extensions, with security options, maps, communication and e-commerce, in the library of extensions you will have everything you may need.

They can be installed easily by going to the "Extensions" is at "To manage". Activate the install tab from the website to be able to search and install anything you want without even leaving the administrator panel.

Install extensions How to create a website with Joomla

Install templates

Themes and templates, or templates, are what make your site more beautiful to look at and easier to use, both of which are fundamental to getting readers.

Choose a suitable theme for the proposal, find the best template and make your site beautiful. You can choose from a wide selection of free and paid templates.

To install them, go to "Extensions" is at "To manage". Click on the "Upload Files", choose the .zip file you downloaded and upload it. Now, in the section "Extensions", go in "Templates" and select the template you want to activate.

Make backups

Most good hosting services, like Hostinger, perform security backups over and over again to ensure that no matter what happens, you never lose site data.

To access them, just go to the control panel and the backups.

Make backups

So, did you like our guide on how to create a website with Joomla?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the platform or if we were the ones who introduced it to you. Remember to also check out our guide on how to choose the best digital bank, how to work from home and the best platforms to create websites at no cost!

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