How to create a website with WordPress [Passo a passo]

If you want to have a website or blog to supplement your income, learning how to create a website with WordPress may be the best option.

Read on to find out how to use this platform to your advantage to create perfect websites!

1. Decide what your market will be

The first step in creating a website is the decision about which market it will cover. There are a large number of options from which you can choose based on two main factors: how much you like the subject and how much competition you will encounter.

That is, not only is it necessary for you to choose something you like and have affinity by writing about and seeking information, but also to try to avoid creating one in an already saturated market.

Essential to discover exactly how to create a successful blog is to know which market it will fit into. There are a really large number of options that you can choose from.

The most and least common areas of blogging to address are listed below, based on a study by Wpromote. Keep in mind that topics tend to vary widely from country to country.

Decide your market How to create a website with WordPress

2. Choose the domain

Fundamental in how to create a website with WordPress (or with any other platform) is the choice of the domain you will use for it. This must be done before the platform is installed on a hosting service.

The domain is, in short, the name that your site will have on the internet accompanied by some extension, for example, "", ".com" or ".net". They are not all the same nor do they have the same purpose but, in general, “” indicates that the site comes from Brazil, while “.com” and “.net” are international, not indicating nationality.

To choose the domain it is necessary to use a website such as to check if it is available and be able to buy it. In case you don't want a “” website, we recommend Hostgator.

Choose a domain How to create a website with WordPress

It is also necessary to follow some main recommendations in the domain choice process:

  • It must be simple and easy to remember;
  • Do not use two identical letters together, as in “”, as this can be confusing when reading;
  • It should be short, simple to write, since no one will want to write or remember a very long name. For example, “” would be a bad choice. Prefer "";
  • NOT USE trademarks in the domain, such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Microsoft.

3. Choose your hosting service

Choosing a good hosting is very important for those who want to create a website with WordPress, since they serve to ensure that your website will always be on the air and never be infected.

It is therefore highly recommended that you use international services, such as Hostinger. It is quite cheap, being only R $ 6.95 per month and is very reliable.

4. Install WordPress How to create a website with WordPress

Installing WordPress is the real first step to creating a website and getting it up and running. There are two ways: using one-click installation, available on the best hosting servers, or manual installation, which gives you more customization options.

Install WordPress

To install manually, first download WordPress through the official website, unzip the files and rename the wp-config-sample.php for wp-config.php. Upload all files in the hosting account, in the folder public_html.

Now click on “MySQL database” to create the database, choose the name for it, create the administrator username, choose a strong password and associate the registration with the created database.

Then go to where you extracted the files and edit the wp-config.php adding the username, password and database name. Save and upload by replacing the file of the same name. Now, enter the domain in the hosting service and you're done!

5. Choose the theme for your website

If you want to create a WordPress site to make money, choosing the theme is very important. To add the theme, just go to the WordPress control panel where you will see all the navigation menus.

click in "Appearance" is at "Themes", where you can search for the theme you want for the site. It is possible to refine the search using the menu “Characteristics filter”, which allows you to find the perfect theme. If you want theme recommendations, we have a list of the best WordPress themes for your site!

Choose the theme for your website How to create a website with WordPress

6. Write quality content

Whether you have a blog or a sales website, the quality of the content you post on it is extremely important. That is, you need to write relevant and current things about your main subject.

In the case of being a blog, it is also extremely important that it has a consistency of publication, be it one post per day, one per week or one per month.

7. Choose the monetization model

For those who want to know how to create a WordPress site to be able to make extra income and work from home, choosing the most suitable monetization model is extremely important. There are two models:

  • Indirect monetization: This is the model used in professional blogs publishing your services. It serves to advertise you, but the income comes from external sources (your service provision and the payments received by them);
  • Direct monetization: This is the most common to find on personal blogs and article publishing blogs. It works with affiliate programs or Google ads to generate income.

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