How to create an app: 5 sites that will help you

If you like programming and already have some experience in the field or if you are a complete novice in the field and want to start learning, we have selected here the best platforms for you to learn how to create a smartphone application!

Keep reading below and discover all the existing alternatives, with links to start using them!

1. Android Accelerate

The first option that we will cover on our list is Android Accelerate, a completely free course that will help you to create an Android application with ease to achieve a successful career or to supplement your income when working as a freelancer, even if you are a freelancer. programming beginner.

It may seem strange that a course does not charge you anything to be really good, but this differs from most. Through it, you will be able, using an effective methodology (and improved for more than 10 years) and studying no more than 2 hours a day to create an Android project in just 3 months.

The course offers processes and technologies used by some of the biggest platforms of the moment, such as Netflix and Spotify, allowing you to use them to make your app, be it another one of the relationship apps, one of the apps for making team meetings or whatever you want.

The course is developed by Fillipe Cordeiro, a software engineer who has over 12 years of experience developing apps and programs. Currently, the course has reached more than 5,000 people throughout Brazil. Become one more of them through the link!

Android Accelerate How to create an application

2. Udemy

One of the best known platforms for studying online, Udemy brings with it a gigantic collection of varied courses on almost any subject you may want or even imagine, including, of course, the possibility of learning how to create an application.

Through this excellent online course platform, students will have access to recorded classes, without having live webinars. In addition, they can also access the various resources of the courses, such as texts, PDF files, study plans and complementary content in general.

It is probably the most recommended for those who want to create games simply by the wide variety of courses offered, so that you will be able to find the ideal teaching for you.

In addition, it is a platform that is available on Android smartphones, iPhone and computers. That is, you can watch wherever you go. We have a comprehensive guide on how to make extra income at Udemy if you want to teach there. To start using to learn, just follow the link.

3. Beved

Quite similar to Udemy, Beved is yet another online course platform through which people can teach or learn. As a differential, in addition to creating courses, it allows self-marketing of face-to-face classes for those who want to pay. Check out our guide to making money at Beved.

It works on a self-service model, where all courses will be recorded and then divided into several modules of a maximum of 15 minutes each. The course must have a minimum time of 60 minutes. For each sale made, the instructor will earn 70% of the value.

If you prefer to learn individually, Beved also offers face-to-face classes, where teachers advertise the course on the platform and teach the classes in a specific location.

As you can learn about almost any topic on this platform, learning how to create a smartphone app is a very viable option, allowing you to learn how to make apps to remove background from images. Find out more about Beved through the link.

Beved How to create an application

4. Hotmart Club

Hotmart is a website that offers more than one solution for its users. It is one of the largest affiliation platforms in the world. It also created the Hotmart Club, a section of the website dedicated to online courses and potential students.

As a major benefit of this platform for instructors, courses can be advertised through affiliates with ease. As with the other options, you can teach any subject here.

In addition, the platform allows the sending of extra material so that students can learn better. Offers versions for smartphones and computers, being quite complete. Follow the link and find out everything about the Hotmart Club, evaluating if this is the best one for you to learn how to create an application.

5. Grasshopper

To complete our list, we also have Grasshopper, one of the best apps to learn to program. It is developed by one of the biggest technology companies today, Google, and is very reliable. In addition, it is possible to use it on any smartphone, be it an Android or an iPhone, ensuring accessibility.

The biggest negative side of it is the fact that it is available exclusively in English, which can be bad for those who do not understand anything of the language. He focuses on teaching programming through games and interactivity to ensure your engagement.

The course offered is quite complete with three learning phases, with achievements and progress bars that serve to motivate users. Find out everything about this excellent application by going to the official page of the application.

Grasshopper How to create an application

So, did you like our website tips to learn how to create an app?

Leave your opinion about them in the comments, saying if you already knew them all or if any were new to you. Don't forget to check out the best apps for converting text to audio!

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