How to create an app to earn money?

Whether you are looking for a career to start your professional journey or a way to make extra income, learning how to create an app to earn money may be the solution you were looking for.

While there are no shortage of apps of all kinds in Google and Apple stores – in addition to apps for Internet browsers – there is always room for new ideas or even simple, low-cost apps, offering an affordable and easy product. to learn to use.

Are you learning about app development or have you been a programmer for some time and want to know how to create an app to make money? You can do this when creating games or even dating apps, among several options.

Before you start, though, here's how to start building apps!

Getting started building applications

You don't know much about programming and will need to get started before you start developing apps? There are several platforms that allow you to create applications without much knowledge!

Even though they are more limited in what a professional developer can do, you can use them to create applications to fulfill simple and useful purposes, such as applications to remove background from images or applications to transform text into audio.

Still, it is worth learning to program, even at a basic level. That way, you will have a better sense of how to deal with any bugs or have a basis for creating more complex applications in the future.

Before that, however, get to know the platforms below and understand how they can help you in your mission to learn how to create an app to earn money!

1. GoodBarber

The first platform that will allow you to learn how to create an app to earn money is GoodBarber. This platform for developing apps allows you to create applications that depend or not on a constant internet connection.

It is one of the most suitable platforms for those who want to create a virtual store application, or even a content manager. In the second category, we can mention apps created by youtubers to distribute exclusive content, for example.

The platform offers 30 days of free trials, allowing you to track all changes to the app in real time. Click on the link to know the Goodbarber.

goodbarber is great to start learning how to create an app to make money

2. Application Factory

The App Factory is a national platform for creating apps. Perhaps the best known in the country, it is possible to create all kinds of web applications without even knowing programming.

It is so simple to use that just follow a few steps to create your app on it. Just choose the type of app you’re building, use the editor to add and remove elements from the app and insert content and edit its interface to make it as interesting as possible for the user.

On the other hand, the App Factory platform can only be used to create web applications. That is, they only run on internet browsers.

Discover the Application Factory by clicking on the link.

3. AppsBuilder

Despite being one of the simplest platforms to use, the App Factory is limited to apps on the web. AppsBuilder, on the other hand, even if it is not a Brazilian creation, makes it possible to create both mobile and web applications.

That is, there is a way to create an application to earn money that works in both environments. This type of possibility is essential for anyone who wants to create applications for team meetings, for example.

Currently, every app of its kind must be available on both the computer and the smartphone. In that sense, AppsBuilder is of great help.

There, there is a considerable amount of elements that you can use in creating your application. In addition, you can access download reports for your app, in addition to creating pages to get contacts and sell your app directly via email marketing or social media.

See how AppsBuilder can help you by accessing the link.

use appsbuilder to create app and make money from it

4. BuildFire

Exclusive to anyone who wants to learn how to create an app to make money on Android systems, BuildFire is optimized to the standard of Google's operating system. It has a range of templates ready for various categories of apps, making it considerably easier to apply.

What makes it interesting for anyone looking to create apps to make money is that most of these models were developed with business in mind. That is, BuildFire is one of the easiest platforms to create business applications.

On the other hand, it turns out that their plans tend to be more expensive than those of other platforms not so focused on making money.

Click on the link to see BuildFire!

5. AppMachine

Closing our list of examples of platforms that will allow you to learn how to create an app to earn money, AppMachine is perfect for anyone looking to create apps for mobile devices. Because it is compatible with Android and iOS, the applications developed by him can be published in Google and Apple stores.

The best of all is for those who already have a website: you can create the application through AppMachine by importing the information already present on your website, making the creation phase considerably easier. After importing, simply customize the interface to make it easier to use on mobile devices.

Access the link to know the AppMachine!

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How to make money from apps?

There are three main ways to generate extra income with your application, especially those created for mobile phones. The first is to sell them directly on the Play Store or the App Store. Charging a full price, the user simply buys and you collect 70% of the value, since 30% is the fee collected by Google and Apple for selling the app in their store.

You can also make the app available for free, but charge for extra features. It is worth mentioning that, even so, the 30% slice is taken by any sale within the app. Finally, you can also sell a monthly or annual subscription model, the most suitable for applications in the browser.

It is also possible to sell the subscription directly from the mobile application, but each payment made by your customer via smartphone will also suffer a 30% reduction in payment.

Have you ever thought how to create an application to make money online? Did you like the platforms or prefer to develop the app yourself?

In this case, we can indicate the Android Architect online course. In it, you will learn everything you need to create an Android app and make money from it, making it a source of extra money or a new and profitable business.

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