How to create business email? [Passo a Passo]

Although many professionals who are working from home end up using their personal email, knowing how to create business email is important for your message exchange to appear more professional.

In addition, having an email of this type is essential for the practice of email marketing, which is not possible without a business address and a domain of its own. Of course, this is not the only advantage that the practice has.

Therefore, we will show you in the following paragraphs why you should learn how to create business email, the main advantages of obtaining one and, finally, how to create an email address for your business, be it an online store, a digital marketing agency or a local market.

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Why should you have a business email?

If you already have an established business with more than one employee who needs to send and receive emails, then you need to learn how to create business email. If you allow him to use his personal email, it will be possible for him to receive and send messages as normal.

However, you will not have access to these messages, especially if your employee is responsible for the service. That is, it is impossible to access the work messages that he exchanged, also making it impossible to check if the service is being done correctly.

In addition, mixing personal work emails can both decrease that person's productivity. Letting him use his private email also increases his chance of making mistakes by confusing his personal email with his work email, for example.

Considering that any email can be accessed by the cell phone through email applications, it is possible that it will continue to receive emails from your company even if it is disconnected, since it will not have control of your inbox.

These are some of the things that motivate a company to learn how to create business email. The following are some of the main advantages.

personal email example

3 Advantages of business email

Although paid, corporate email is more advantageous than calling for free solutions.

In addition to having access to the emails of all employees and being able to assess their quality, it is also possible to change the ownership of the email between your team. Essential for the address to have a history, even if one employee is disconnected and another takes his place.

The second advantage is being able to hire email marketing services. Through them, you can fire dozens to hundreds of emails simultaneously. It is worth mentioning that email marketing is one of the most effective online sales platforms to date, surpassing social media itself.

However, to register them, it is necessary to have an own domain email. That is, business email.

The third advantage is that, with them, it is possible to separate your personal and professional life, in addition to configuring them to send notifications only during your work hours. That is, even if you work alone to earn money online, having a business email helps to improve your quality of life.

Now that you understand the many reasons why learning how to create business email is important, check out the walkthrough below!

How to create business email?

If you've ever had to create a website for your business, you probably know how to create business email, as the steps are similar. The first thing you must do is register a domain. However, it is important to remember that if your business already has a website, you do not need to register another domain.

Registering a domain costs R $ 40.00 per year (price updated in July 2020) at Just access the link and type in the desired name to check if you can create a domain with that name.

domain registration is required for business email

It is worth remembering that some hosting services embed this value in their plans. So, use first just to check if the domain you want is available.

The hosting service will be the server where your email will be stored. It is he who will access it whenever he wants to receive and send email messages. That is, it is also mandatory to hire him.

Much of it limits the number of addresses you can create or the maximum capacity of files that can be contained on the server. Therefore, in addition to the service subscription price, also check this information and see if it is in accordance with the needs of your business.

Hired domain and hosting service? So now it's time to access the control panel and follow the step by step below!

How to create the first address?

When accessing the control panel of the contracted hosting service, click on the option Email or Email accounts. If you don't have any of these options, find the closest match possible. Each service names its own sections, so the names are not always in agreement.

business email accounts

Then find a button called Create or + Email.

find the create button

Add the username of the person or sector that will have access to the email, as well as the registered domain. Then, create the password. Finally, finish filling out the rest of the form.

fill out the business email form

Ready! In just three simple steps, you will have learned how to create business email!

Learn about Email Marketing!

One of the advantages that we mentioned throughout the article, being able to use email marketing will be ideal to help increase the sales of your business.

After you finish learning how to create business email, it can be interesting to study the techniques and tools that make it possible to use email marketing.

Our recommendation is MailChimp, a platform that allows you to create email templates, segment customers by groups and send emails to those specific groups. In addition, you will have access to reports showing details such as the open rate of your emails, how many prospects clicked on a link in your email and how many sales came from those emails.

To start testing MailChimp in your business, click on the link right now!

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