How to create email in Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo?

There is no lack of email applications that will help you have an email address. However, most users use the services of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Each has its advantages and peculiarities. Therefore, it does not matter your option, as knowing how to create email on these services will allow you to access other tools.

Gmail, for example, gives you access to tools like Google Drive and Google Docs. Already having an email in Microsoft Outlook means being able to access the free online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Yahoo Mail has another advantage: it can manage your account on competing services within its interface.

Looking for how to create email on these services? Then follow the step by step for each one below!

Tip: although all services have mobile applications, we believe it is more practical to create your email from a computer. Therefore, all the steps shown below will be done from one.

How to create email in Gmail?

One of the most advantageous, Gmail gives you access to its cloud storage service, Google Drive. In addition, you will have a complete and free “Office package”, as Google Docs is not just an online version with less functionality than the original. That is, you will have free access to the complete programs.

If you chose to learn how to create email in Gmail, visit the link. Then click Create an account and select For me.

click create account

Now, complete the form below with your personal information. Also create a secure password. To improve your email access security, we recommend using apps to manage passwords.

enter your information to create email

Then, include a phone number and an alternate email – if you have one – for more options if you forget your login or password. Both information is optional, but we recommend that you enter it. Then, also enter your date of birth and gender.

put more information

Finally, accept Google’s terms and conditions and you’ve just learned how to create email in Gmail!

gmail home screen

Now, here's how to create email in Outlook!

How to create account in Microsoft Outlook

As in the previous guide, the first step is certainly to access the link to enter Outlook. Then, click Create free account.

click create a free account

The next step is to enter your name and click the button Next. If it is already in use, try to put some numbers after it or use other variations of your full name.

create your login to create email

Create a password for your new email now.

invent a password to create email in outlook

Then, enter your first and last name.

put your first and last name

Indicate the region where you live and inform your date of birth.

indicate your region

Finally, complete the security test to gain access to your new account!

meet the safety test

With that, you will have learned how to create email in Outlook successfully. In other words, you are already ready to learn some tricks, such as how to recover deleted emails from Outlook and block email in Outlook!

How to create email in Yahoo Mail

The last service on the list, Yahoo Mail is also easy to create an account, as well as configure the settings and use it to manage emails throughout your routine.

Click on the link to start creating your email on the service. Then choose the button Create an account.

start creating email on yahoo

Enter your information and create your email address in the corresponding field.

enter your information

Confirm the phone number you entered in the previous step and click the button Send me a text message with a verification code.

confirm your cell phone

Enter the confirmation code received by SMS on your smartphone and click Check.

meet the safety test

Now, just click Concluded your new email will be online! The next step is to check out our article on how to set up your Yahoo Mail account!

What is your favorite email service?

Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail? Which one seemed the best to use for you? Want to know how to create email on other services? Then leave your comment!

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