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How to create general email? [Guia completo]

How to create general email? [Guia completo]

As much as it would be ideal to have just one email for everything, this is not always possible for most people. There are those who need to have a casual email, a business email and even a domain email of their own or personalized. This creates the problem of having to check all your inboxes for each existing email. Fortunately, you can create general email to receive everything in one inbox.

This can be done by redirecting emails from one account to another. This way, you receive messages from all accounts that you configure in the same inbox. To learn how to create general email, just check out our guide below!

Creating general email

You can create general email with almost any existing provider, just that it has this feature of integration with accounts of other providers. In our tutorial, we will use a Gmail account as our general email, but the process is often unlike other providers, such as Outlook or Yahoo.

To start, open your email account that will be used as a general email. Click on the "Settings" icon and select the "View all settings" option.

gmail account

In the settings screen, choose the option "Accounts and import".

create general email accounts

On the next page, you should go to the option “Check email from other accounts” and click on “add email account”.

receive email from other accounts

In the new window that opens, enter the email you want to integrate into your general account.

create general email new account

By continuing, you will be able to choose between importing emails into your Gmail inbox or linking to both accounts with the Gmailify service. This second option allows you to manage emails from both accounts in the Gmail box.

gmail integration

That choice is more up to you. If you choose the first option, Gmail will do the integration part for you. If you choose the second option, you must enter the rest of the data manually.

create general email pop server

After entering all the data, you just need to click on “Add Account”. There, when creating general email and doing these steps, you will receive emails from this account in the main box.

Answering emails in the general account

The problem is that the above process does not mean that you will be able to reply or send emails from this general email address. For that, let's go back to the general settings and to the "Accounts and Import" option.

There, go to the "Send email as" section and click on the "Add another email address" option.

create general email tips

Then, enter the email information you want to use to reply to your messages. Basically, just put the same email that we configured in the previous steps. Click on “Next step to continue”.

create general email add

In the next window, you choose whether you want to send the messages by the email itself or by the servers of the original email provider. For those who are creating general email, that choice is up to you, and choosing to send via Gmail is simpler to set up.

create general email servers

If you choose the option of the servers of the original provider (in this case, Outlook), you must enter your username, password, which connection you want to use, etc. When finished, click on “Add account”.

And with that, you will be able to receive and send emails from another account in your general email. You can repeat this process with as many other accounts as you need, as it is always the same.

When opening incoming emails you will always see which address it was sent to. To avoid confusion when replying, you can go back to the "Accounts and Import" option and go to the "Send email as" section.

respond by general email

Among the options shown there, take a look at “When replying to a message”. Select the option “Reply by the same address at which the message was received”.

This will ensure that you will always reply at the same address you received the message from. It is definitely the best option, otherwise you would have to keep exchanging emails manually.

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