How to create Instagram Guides? [Passo a passo]

An idea of ​​a post that usually gives results for those who work with social networks are the tutorials, like the one you are accessing. With that in mind, Instagram launched another ideal content format for those with the knowledge to share. Therefore, we will teach you how to create Instagram guides!

These guides are optimized posts to help content producers teach different things to their followers. In their testing phase, Instagram guides were released only to health and wellness influencers.

The goal was for them to use the new platform of guides to help their followers deal with quarantine and coronavirus, for example. Only now all users can learn how to create Instagram guides and give tips on all kinds of topics.

It is worth mentioning that tutorials are not the only types of content that you can publish in this format. As you'll find out in our walkthrough, you can also use the guides to recommend places you've visited or products you've recently purchased.

So here's how to create Instagram guides in your feed below!

Step by step: how to create Instagram guides?

To get started, open the Instagram app on your phone and access your profile.

instagram home screen

Touch the “+“. In the menu that will open, choose the option Guide.

Instagram profile screen in night mode, with arrows pointing to the + icon in the upper right corner and another arrow pointing to the Guide option at the bottom of the screen

Choose whether you want to use Instagram guides to recommend a location, a specific product, or even other Instagram posts. For the example of our guide, we will use the Publications option to recommend a post by Luciano Larrossa, one of the leading Instagram experts in Brazil.

instagram profile screen, with a second menu occupying the bottom. A transparent box with red borders highlights these options of instagram guides

You can either use your own publications or access posts that you have saved to your profile. As we’ll use Luciano’s post as an example, we’ll touch Saved.

instagram screen with several posts and a submenu at the bottom with a red arrow pointing to the Saved option

Now, choose the post you want to recommend and click the button Advance.

screen with posts saved from an instagram profile, with a transparent box with red borders highlighting it. A red arrow also points to the word forward, indicating that the user has to choose posts and then proceed to create Instagram guides

click in Add Title and give your guide a name. In What this guide is about (optional), you can add a brief description.

screen with blue background post and saying to publish personal things in a professional account: it's worth it. Red arrow pointing to a superimposed title that says

Each photo or publication listed in your guide needs a title. If you want, you can also include your own description. Touch the Add Title and give each post a name. Then, offer your own description, citing why your Instagram followers should read it.

All of this is part of learning how to create guides on Instagram, especially to make them interesting to your followers.

instagram screen in night mode with four red arrows accompanied by numbers. Number 1 indicates a title that you can include in a part of the guide. 2 indicates that it is possible to add a description. 3 indicates the possibility of including more posts. 4 indicates it's time to move on to publishing your Instagram guides

At the bottom, you can indicate more publications by the button Add more posts. For example, you can save several posts from different users, in order to create a complete guide on a given subject.

At the same time, it ends up promoting the profiles that created the original content. Remember that it is always interesting to ask permission from the authors before proceeding!

For this example, we will not include other publications, but don't just use one post! Continuing, click Advance as soon as you finish writing the descriptions and add the number of publications, places or products in your guide.

Now, just touch the button To share to finish learning how to create guides on Instagram!

instagram screen in night mode with the upper part offering a preview of the post that created, at the bottom, a red arrow pointing to a blue background button with the saying

Tip: you do not need to use the post image itself to create the guide. If you prefer to use another image while learning how to create Instagram guides, just click on Change cover photo.

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