How to create music blog? [Guia Completo 2020]

If you really like listening to music offline and want to have a blog about it, and can also work on the internet while generating extra income, the option to learn how to create a music blog is ideal.

Keep reading our article and learn now how to create your own blog to share your thoughts on the subject.

1. Why create a blog?

If you are looking to create a music blog, you certainly want it to succeed and help you earn extra money, especially now in these quarantine times. But, before we start explaining how to do this, let's give you some ideas of what you get from creating a blog.

Why create a blog?

Having a blog gives you visibility

If you own a physical store, an e-commerce, or an influencer who does music product marketing, for example, creating a blog is a very good alternative if you want to be even better known for what you do, and you can create a consistent audience.

When you produce really good content, your readers will at least think that your products reflect the quality of what they saw, which increases the chance that they will buy what you sell.

And, in addition, your loyal audience will feel confident that you are making a good recommendation to your friends when talking about your blog, which will make your brand even better known out there!

Having a blog gives you credibility

If you want people to read your name to think of someone who really knows the subject, creating a music blog will help you. This is because those who follow your content only do so because they assume that they are written or managed by someone who really understands the subject – in this case, you;

Having a blog helps in your trade

Many small business owners have problems reaching the public and, as an option to do just that, having a blog is ideal, both to sell more (since you can associate a virtual store with blogs) and to increase your exposure.

However, in order for you to achieve this, some prerequisites must be fulfilled: your blog must be very well done, the content must be of the highest quality and you must maintain a frequency of publications.

These three things, if associated with your products are really good, will ensure that you already read your blog, keep reading and help spread it, passing the link to friends and acquaintances.

Having a blog can help you (personally)

Another great benefit of creating a music blog, or any topic, is that it can become an excellent tool to help with problems you may have.

For example, a blog helps your copywriter to communicate in writing more efficiently, to improve the quality of what you write on an ongoing basis and to help develop your thinking skills.

In addition, it also helps you a lot to learn how to perform the best searches in search services, since not only is it necessary to search for each article, but you also need to know how these services work so that your blog has a good reach.

Creating a blog can help other people

If you take pleasure in teaching or helping, another very cool factor of blogs is that, through it, it is possible to clarify many people's doubts, on almost any subject. In your case, of course, it will be questions related to music, but even this topic is very broad.

2. How to create a music blog?

The process of creating a blog of any kind is one that requires a lot of involvement from you. In general, to create a successful blog it is necessary that you write about some subject that you really like, in areas that you get along with.

In addition, it must be on a platform that you understand how it works. In this article, we’ll cover, one of the best for that, but if you have another one in mind, go ahead.

Traffic comes from a variety of sources, and it can come organically, without your involvement, from social networks, links and various other sources. The marketing and expansion strategy must exist from the beginning in order for you to get anywhere.

3. Decide what your focus will be

It has already been decided: it will create a music blog. However, music is an extremely broad area, with several subcategories and subdivisions. Therefore, you must choose where you want to start writing, on which more specific topic, taking into account demand and competition.

Decide what your focus will be How to create a music blog

To choose the right focus you need to take into account a few things:

  • How much you like the subject. If you decide to write about something you don't like, you will only get frustrated.
  • How much competition is going to have. If you decide to write a blog about music news, you have to keep in mind how many other blogs of the same type exist. A very common example of articles is about apps for listening to music offline.
  • If you have a pre-established store or brand. If so, it can be really good to at least write a few related articles. For example, if you sell musical instruments, having review articles and comparing them will help your consumers to buy and you to sell.

4. Choose where to create your music blog

Even if you already have a chosen platform for creating websites, it is recommended to check the ones we have selected here to take them into account. The three most common are Blogger, and

  • Blogger: Blogger is the oldest of all the tools for creating websites, having been created in 1999. It is still one of the best and most used websites for creating websites, being the place where most start. However, it offers few escalation options and is quite limiting.
  • This is the paid version of WordPress, which is the most used platform internationally, responsible for more than 28% of online blogs. Like Blogger, it is its own platform and has the same problems: low escalation and very limiting.
  • Finally, the free version of WordPress, which is the one we recommend. Through it, you have access to all the tools of the paid version, but it is necessary that you have more technical knowledge. In addition, you have to buy a domain and choose one
  • hosting server.

That is, if you want a small blog and do not intend to ever expand it, or even Blogger are good options. However, if you have future plans for your blog to become something big, using is ideal.

5. Choose the domain

Now that you have decided where you are going to create the blog, you have to choose which domain you will use for it before you can follow the creation.

When you create a music blog, the domain will be the way it will appear on the internet, together with some extension like "", ".com" or ".net". Each extension has a specific and different purpose.

For example, “”, called a ccTLD (country code top-level domain), indicates that the site originates from Brazil.

Now ".com", ".net", ".org" are called gTLD (generic top-level domain) and do not point to any country. If you want to use them, you need to determine in the search console in which country the site will be indexed, for which users the results will appear.

To choose the domain, sites like are recommended to see if it is still available and its value. If the extension you want to use is not national, Hostgator is the site for that.

Choose domain

When creating a music blog and deciding the domain, it is highly recommended that you follow some guidelines. Are they:

  • The domain must be easy to remember, short and simple;
  • It must not have two identical letters together. For example, avoid “”, as this can confuse reading a lot.
  • Nobody remembers long names, much less want to write it down. Avoid “”, preferring “”.
  • Do not use trademarks in the domain, such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Microsoft on it.

6. Choose the hosting service

Good websites and blogs need excellent hosting services, as they offer the guarantee that your blog will never go down or be infected by viruses.

In other words, international services, such as Hostinger, are the most recommended, since they are the most reliable and best established in the market. Hostinger is one of the most affordable and can be found through the link.

7. Install WordPress

We finally arrived at one of the most important steps in creating a music blog: learning how to install WordPress on the hosting service you subscribed to.

WordPress How to create music blog

There are two methods of doing this: using the one-click installation service, recommended for the less able with technology, being easier and faster, or installing following the step by step, which guarantees more options but is much more complicated. The guide on how to do this is as follows below.

First, go to the official WordPress website and download it. Unzip the files using a program such as WinRAR. Among the files you extracted is the wp-config-sample.php, which must be renamed to wp-config.php.

Now, upload them all to your hosting account, through Cpanel in the folder public_html. In the options, go to “MySQL database” to create the database, choosing the desired name.

In order to create a music blog, you need to create your administrator username and choose a strong password (you can use one of the password managers to never forget it). Associate the user name with the database and give all privileges.

Return to the folder where you extracted the files, open the wp-config.php in your text editor and fill in the data, using the created username, password and database name. Save the file and upload it, as before, replacing the existing file.

Finally, in the hosting service, just enter your domain. As you are just starting to create your music blog, check the box that says "Prevent search engines from indexing this site" so that it doesn't appear on Google for now. When you want it to appear, just uncheck it!

8. Choose the theme for your blog

The design of the blog is really essential for your blog to be successful. So choose a theme that fits and is elegant and beautiful.

To place the theme, go to the WordPress control panel, where you will see the navigation menus. click in "Appearance" is at "Themes" and search for the theme you want to use. Check here our recommendations of the best WordPress themes for your site!

Theme How to create music blog

After selection, you can edit and configure the chosen theme the way you want, to make it exactly the way you want it.

9. Create great content

Creating a successful music blog is not easy, and one of the parts that makes it even more difficult is the need for your content to be really good.

They need to be new, without copying from their competitors. They need to be complete, illuminating and, if possible, profound. They need to be created and posted relatively often, ideally on the same days, even once a week.

10. Decide how you will monetize the blog

If your goal with the blog is to be able to work from home or make extra income online, choosing a monetization model is another very fundamental factor. There are two main models:

  • Indirect monetization: Most common model in professional blogs, indirect monetization is useful when using the blog as a means of publicizing what you do. The income comes from whoever will hire you (or buy your instruments);
  • Direct monetization: Most common for blogs of those who do not have other markets, it is typically done through affiliate programs. In essence, you advertise a brand in your articles and earn for it.

11. Final considerations

Finally, we have a few more things that you should keep in mind in the process of creating a music blog. Check it out below:

  • Learn SEO: In a nutshell, SEO is how your articles are optimized for search services, how easy or difficult it is to find them on Google or Bing, which generates organic traffic;
  • Determine your goals: Have very concrete and realistic goals. For example, reaching a number of visitors monthly;
  • Have a newsletter: Retention of readers is important, and a newsletter helps a lot in this. So, create one that sends weekly notifications to your readers;

So, what did you think of our guide on how to create a music blog?

Leave in the comment your opinion about it, saying if we help you to create your own blog easily. Also, check out our guides on how to make extra income online and how to create websites without the help of an expert!

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