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How to create online polls on your website or blog?

How to create online polls on your website or blog?

Although Instagram polls are quite successful, you can't use them on a website or blog, for example. That way, you end up missing out on the chance to create online surveys and take advantage of improved engagement on your website or blog.

On the other hand, who said that Instagram is the only place where you can create online surveys? Although you may not be able to include these polls while creating websites, you can include them in your blog posts.

If your goal with a website is to generate engagement and create an audience to make money on the internet, then polls can be one of the essential tools for your website. Therefore, we will show below a step by step teaching you how to create online surveys on your pages.

For this, we will use the Easypolls website, one of the best websites for this. Although it is in English, it is worth remembering that you can use Google Translate to have a page translation. Other than that, it is very simple and easy to use.

Find out below and also see how to put these polls in a post on your blog!

How to create online surveys?

The first step is to access the link and create an Easypolls account. Only then will you be able to create online surveys to post on your website.

After creating your account, you can create your first poll. To begin, type in the question you will ask your website visitors.

easypolls home screen to create online surveys

Now, write down what response options are available.

easypolls home screen with red arrows pointing to the answer field

With the question and answers ready, you can see a preview of the poll in the right corner of the site. With the poll ready, just click the button Save to store the poll in your account.

easypolls home screen with poll created and arrow pointing to save button

Now that you know how to create online surveys, here's how to post them to your website or blog!

How to place the poll on your website or blog?

On the same EasyPolls page where you created the poll, you can get the code to include it on your website. To do this, copy the code that is just below Add poll to your page.

easypolls home screen with red arrow indicating to copy the polls you just created

Now, open the control panel of the platform you use to manage your website. Create a new post or edit an old one.

create a new post on your site

Give the post a title and give a brief introduction to the poll. Then access the option Text or HTML, depending on the platform you're using.

wordpress panel with arrows pointing to the Text tab

Paste the code you copied from Easypolls.

easypolls code pasted into the post code

Finally, publish the post and watch your poll online!

Were you able to create your first online surveys?

After creating online polls on your website or blog, just wait a few hours to check how your visitors are saying.

It is worth mentioning that polls are not only useful to generate engagement for bloggers and content producers. You can use them to ask about the direction of the content on your site, test the receptivity to a product idea you have had or to test the knowledge of those who usually access your page.

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