How to delete Instagram account? [Tutorial]

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks of the moment, with millions of users worldwide, allowing the sharing of photos and videos to gain followers on Instagram. If you want to delete your Instagram account, we have created a guide to help you.

Read on to learn a little more about this platform, how it works and the two ways to delete your account!

What is Instagram?

If you want to know how to delete your Instagram account you probably already have one. However, it is also possible that you are a cautious person and want to know how to delete an account and whether it is easy to do before creating your own. Anyway, in this first topic we will talk a little about what Instagram is.

A social networking service for sharing photos and videos of American origin, Instagram (also known as IG or Insta) belongs to Facebook.

It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and released exclusively for iOS devices in October 2010, with the Android version released in April 2012 and Internet browsers in November 2012.

Through the app, users can upload media files that can then be edited with filters and organized with the famous hashtags and also with their location. One of the things you can't do in the app is just what you want: delete your Instagram account.

What is Instagram? how to delete Instagram account

Sharing can be done both publicly so that all users have access and to pre-approved Instagram followers.

Originally, it only allowed content in square format (1: 1) in 640 pixels of resolution, same as the iPhone of the time. 2015 was when this limitation was removed and the resolution was increased to 1080p.

The platform has, over time, had many amazing features being added. The main three are:

  • Messaging capabilities, so that now all users can communicate privately with each other without having to use other apps;
  • The possibility of including several images or videos in just one post, making it easier when you want to show several photos of a single topic, for example;
  • The tool known as Stories, launched to compete with Snapchat. It allows users to post videos and photos in a sequential feed, where each post can be accessed by others for just 24 hours. In January 2019, Stories had more than 500 million daily users.

How to delete your Instagram account?

Now that you know everything you need to know about this platform for sharing images and videos, we will teach you the detailed step by step so you can delete the account.

First of all, bad news: in a move to make deleting your account more difficult, Instagram does not allow you to do this through applications, regardless of whether it is Android or iPhone. It is possible to do this on the smartphone, but through the browser.

There are two ways to delete an account on Instagram: permanent and temporary. We'll talk about both here.

Temporarily delete your Instagram account

We will address the less definitive way first. Keep reading below for step by step.

  • First, you must access the official website of the platform through the link;
  • There, you will then need to log in to the account you wish to temporarily delete;
  • After you have logged in and are redirected to your timeline, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on the "Profile" that appear;

Profile how to delete Instagram account

  • Next to your profile image will be a button that says "Edit profile". Click on it;

Edit account profile how to delete Instagram account

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue button that says “Temporarily deactivate my account” to delete the Instagram account and can reactivate it whenever you want;

Temporarily disable 1

  • To complete the process, you will then need to select the reason why you want to delete the account and enter your password, then click on the blue button that says “Disable account temporarily”.

Temporarily disable 2 account how to delete Instagram account

Permanently delete the account

As mentioned, Instagram does everything to prevent you from deleting your account, making the process much more complicated than it should be.

  • To delete your Instagram account, follow this link to the exclusion page. It is worth mentioning that it cannot be found anywhere on the Instagram page, so to access it, it must be here;
  • Select the reason why you want to delete the account;
  • Enter your Instagram password to delete the account;
  • Finally, click on the red button that says “Delete my account permanently“. Remember that there is no way to undo this!

Permanently delete the

Did you like our complete guide on how to delete your Instagram account?

Leave in the comments if you already knew how to do this or if we helped you in the process. Also check out the best phrases for Instagram bio, the alternatives to Linktree to link in the biography and learn how to organize your Instagram feed!

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