How to delete your Instagram account in 4 steps?

One of the biggest social networks of today, with more than a billion users around the world is Instagram. Through it, you can share photos and videos in order to gain followers on Instagram and earn extra income. Here, we will show you step by step how to delete your Instagram account.

There are two ways on how to do this and, here, we will tell you about them, their differences and how to use them!

What are the ways to delete the Instagram account?

To start this article, we’ll talk about the two ways that you can get away from one of the biggest social networks, Instagram. We will give recommendations for when to use each and how to do it.

The first is deactivate your Instagram account, but do not delete it. This process is quite easy for anyone to do and is particularly recommended if you just want to take a break on Instagram and get away, but want to be able to use your profile again whenever you want.

This means that the deactivation can be reversed without presenting any negative side for you. When you deactivate the account, a few things will remain visible, such as the messages you sent. However, the profile will disappear so that no one will be able to find it.

The second of the ways is delete your Instagram account, which is a process that can be more boring to do. This is mainly because Instagram itself makes it difficult to try to keep at least your profile registered.

It is the most recommended for when you want to never return to the social network for any reason. All content that you uploaded to the platform in the step will be lost, including the list of all your followers on Instagram. That is, it is highly recommended to back up your data before proceeding.

What ways

Now that we have talked about all this, it is time to explain both processes in detail to you so that you can leave the social network, whether permanently or not.

Something worth mentioning is that, as Instagram does everything you can to not delete your account, it is not possible to perform this deletion through the application, either for iPhone or Android. However, you can do it on smartphones as long as you are willing to use one of the internet browsers.

How to disable the account in four steps?

Initially, let's talk about how to get away from Instagram in a non-permanent way, being able to use your profile again if you want. Check out the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of the platform through the link to begin the process. Then, you must log in to the account you want to temporarily disable;
  • Now that you have logged in to your account, you will see your timeline, where you should click on the profile icon that is located in the upper right corner of the screen and then on "Profile" in the menu that appears. Then click on the "Edit profile" that is next to your profile picture to go to the settings;

Edit profile How to delete Instagram account

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the blue button that says “Temporarily deactivate my account”. Click on it to continue the process of deactivating (without deleting) your Instagram account;

disable account How to delete Instagram account

  • Now, then, select the reason that led you to deactivate the account and enter your password in the field provided. Finally, just click on the blue button that says “Disable account temporarily”.

end disable

How to permanently delete your account in four steps?

As we already mentioned to you, Instagram would really like you to keep your account on the platform, even if disabled. The process turns out to be much less intuitive. Follow the steps below:

As already mentioned more than once, Instagram really wants you to keep your account, even if it is disabled. For this, the process becomes much less intuitive. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Instagram account deletion page using the link in the browser of your choice to start the process. It is worth mentioning that following the link is something that is necessary since it cannot be found anywhere on the Instagram page;
  • From the list below, choose the reason that led you to delete the Instagram account instead of deactivating it:
    • Problems getting started;
    • It takes up a lot of my time / diverts my attention a lot;
    • Privacy issues;
    • Too many ads;
    • I can't find people to follow;
    • A second account was created;
    • I want to remove something;
    • Another motive.
  • Instagram will offer you several suggestions for you to implement and solve the problems without deleting the account. If this is still what you want to do, enter the Instagram password indicated in the field;
  • Finally, so that you can complete the process of deleting your Instagram account permanently, click on the red button that says "Delete my account permanently".

How to delete Instagram account

What did you think of our four-step guide on how to delete your Instagram account?

Tell us in the comments if you already knew the ways to leave the platform or if we showed you a way you didn't know. Don't forget to check out the best phrases for Instagram bio, learn to link to the bio with alternatives to Linktree and learn how to organize your Instagram feed!

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