How to discover other people's Reels?

Instagram's latest content platform has enabled its users to create short, authentic videos that can be posted to their profile. But how do you discover other people's Reels for inspiration?

After all, you only get an idea of ​​how a platform works by looking at what other users are already doing on it. Instagram Reels is no different.

As a tool that will help you gain followers on Instagram, it's interesting to find out how each platform works. That way, you can make the most of the engagement potential of your Instagram posts.

Before you start learning how to discover other people's Reels, first understand what Instagram Reels is and how it works!

What is Instagram Reels?

Created to compete with the public with TikTok, Instagram Reels allows the creation of short videos, lasting up to 15 seconds. Despite being similar to Stories, it has some crucial differences.

One is permanence: Reels' videos are still available after 24 hours of publication. On the other hand, interactive stickers such as the questions in the Stories are not available, only those used in the decoration of the posts.

Still, Reels has a variety of masks and filters to make your posts more fun, in addition to the possibility of dubbing songs from the collection available on Instagram. Almost the same way that TikTok does.

With the use of hashtags, you can even create challenges like in TikTok Challenges. Before that, stay with us to learn how to discover other people's Reels and get inspired before creating your own.

how to discover other people's reels?

How does Instagram Reels work?

Although it can be included in the feed and be permanent, Reels posts are made from the Stories screen. That is, open the Instagram app and swipe left to create Reels.

The process itself is very easy, just choose the music or filters you want to use in your content. Then, just apply the edits, choose the cover that will illustrate your feed and create a caption for the post. That is, the entire process takes place in three simple steps, with the recording in the middle.

See how to use Instagram Reels at the link and learn below how to discover other people's Reels!

How to discover other people's Reels?

There are several ways to discover Reels. Learning how to find this content can help you develop strategies to gain followers on Instagram.

The first way to find Reels is through the tab To explore. In those first months since its launch, just click on the magnifying glass icon.

access the explore tab

And then touch the first item on the screen to start watching Reels from different content producers!

discover other people's reels in the explore tab

You can also access the Reels of specific content producers. Start by looking for the profile you want to check.

search for the profile you want to access

Touch the middle icon in the bar just above the feed.

discover other people's reels by clicking on this icon

Now just choose which Reels you want to see!

reels menu

3 advantages of Instagram Reels

Why is it interesting to create Reels in your business profile? See below some of the best advantages of this new content platform and understand why learning how to discover other people's Reels is important for your content!

Tip: Reels isn't showing up for you? See what to do when Instagram news doesn't appear!

1. It is permanent

Unlike Stories, Reels stays in your profile forever, unless you delete them. This means that you can think of some more timeless content, which can generate engagement at any time.

In addition, they are available in one place, making it easier to think of Reels series to keep your follower following your content for longer.

2. Algorithm prioritizes new platforms

Making content on Reels is interesting due to a rule that any social network applies whenever it launches something new: the algorithm prioritizes this new content, which means greater chances of reaching more followers.

So, use what we teach throughout the article and start testing different types of content on your Reels, using the novelty to boost your profile on Insta.

3. You can put it in the feed

In addition to having its own environment, your Reels can be published together in the Instagram feed. So much so that you can create captions and use Instagram hashtags to optimize your reach.

That is, you can take advantage of the news, while using previous learning to optimize your engagement.

Did you discover other people's Reels?

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