How to do the Evolved Challenge on Instagram?

TikTok was the platform from which the first challenges arose. English word for challenges, they are exactly that: small challenges that you must publish on TikTok. But they became so popular that today it is common to see challenges also on Instagram and other social media with video content.

Today, they can be your passport to gain Instagram followers. After all, they are an excellent source for blog ideas. If before you were wondering which questions to ask on Instagram Stories, now the question may be which challenge to ask to attract more followers on Instagram.

The Evolved Challenge is one of the most popular here in Brazil. That is, an excellent idea for those who are betting on content to become an influencer on Instagram.

Before that, though, what are Instagram challenges and how are they made? Find out below!

What are Instagram Challenges?

As you may have noted above, Instagram (or TikTok's own) challenges are nothing more than a new type of content. If you don't pay attention, you may end up passing them by. But in fact they are excellent opportunities to attract more users to your profile.

As each of these challenges uses Instagram hashtags, it is quite easy to understand what challenges are being asked most often. So, you have an endless source of posts that you can make on your Instagram Stories. But nothing prevents you from posting the challenges on your feed or even on Reels!

Typically, challenges are short videos, where your users must perform some type of task, showing how the person was at the beginning and the result after the end. Here in Brazil, these challenges are quite accomplished by makeup bloggers.

After all, the followers of these influencers can see how each part of the makeup process looks, as the videos allow interruption. This turns hours of makeup work into a short video. It is in this context that the Evolved Challenge is also included.

illustration showing white makeup table, with case with makeup of different colors

What is the Evolved Challenge?

One of the most successful challenges in the country, this challenge is no different from the many that appear. Perhaps what has made it so famous and inspired many to learn how to do the Evolved Challenge is the context of the music itself.

The song in question is “Evolved”, by Kevin O Chris. Using the makeup process and hand tricks to make the transition, youtuber Larissa Rezende met the challenge, encouraging other bloggers to participate in the game.

But isn't it too late to learn how to do the Evolved Challenge? Not really, since many bloggers still use music and mark the challenge hashtag on Instagram.

In addition, you can very well follow the steps and use other songs, creating your own challenge. So don't be shy and learn to follow how to do the Evolved Challenge!

How to do the Evolved Challenge?

The first thing you need to do is memorize the lyrics and rhythm of the music itself. This makes it easier to adjust the timing of the video. So, open your app to listen to your favorite music and find music by MC Kevin O Chris.

Decorated the song? To do the Evolved Challenge, you will need a good video editor for mobile phones. That way, you can make improvements to the video, such as the actual transitions from one state to another.

Then, you need to script the challenge. This way, you will be able to precisely mark which stages of the makeup process will appear in the video, in order to appear with the evolution. After all, the challenge is not called Evolved Challenge for nothing, is it?

With the music ready and the script ready, it is time to record. The first stretch should be of you completely without makeup. Record the first clip.

Then get your hands dirty! Do the first stretch of makeup. Stop at the point you scripted yesterday and record the second leg. From here, just repeat the steps above until the final stretch, in which you will be fully made up.

Record the last part of the video. Now, open the chosen video editor and make some adjustments. Check that the transactions are fluid, without sudden cuts or any effect that may cause any strangeness.

Now that you have learned how to do the Evolved Challenge and it is complete, just publish it on your Instagram or schedule the post for your best time to post.

Still have some questions? Then check out some examples below to get inspired!

Do you usually do challenges on Instagram?

The Evolved Challenge is just one of several challenges you can post to help you grow on Instagram. Still, it is worth noting that relying only on challenges is not a good strategy.

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