How to download free music: 5 best sites

Knowing how to download free music makes life easier for those with Wi-Fi problems. It is not always possible to depend exclusively on streaming services and having a collection of music offline can break the bank and not leave you without your favorite songs.

Being able to download music online is useful especially for those who are working at home during the coronavirus quarantine. The sites that we will show below have the possibility to download the songs, allowing you to listen to the songs offline.

Want to know what are the best sites to download music online and learn how to download free music from these sites?

So check out the next few paragraphs and start planning your playlists!

1. Jamendo

One of the best known sites for those looking to download music online, Jamendo is useful both for those who just want to build their own lists offline and for those who edit videos and need free music to include in their videos.

How to download free music on Jamendo to listen? The process is quite simple. First, access the link.

Then click the button Start on the left, below Jamendo Music.

start downloading free music on jamendo

Search for the type of music you want to hear or enter the title in the search bar.

fetch your songs

Click the play button on the song or radio. To download, click on the down arrow icon, as we will show in the print below.

download free music

Finally, go to the button Free download for private use in MP3 to have the music on your computer.

2. SoundCloud

Another of the best known sites for those who want to download free music, SoundCloud is one of the largest collections online, with the possibility to download the songs.

The site is filled with covers of well-known songs, in addition to being an excellent source of songs made by independent artists, which you cannot find when you follow only the most famous musical circuits.

Learning how to download free music on Soundcloud is pretty easy. Just access the link and follow the steps below.

  • click in Create an account and enter your registration information.

access the soundcloud

  • Choose the song you want to download or search for a specific one.

search for the free music you want to download

  • Click the ellipsis button “" and after that, Download file.


Tip: not all songs can be downloaded on Soundcloud. If the button Download file does not appear, it is necessary to search for another version or song. See more in this step by step dedicated to Soundcloud!

3. Musopen

A non-profit organization, Musopen is a collection of free license music in MP3. Only the songs contained here are all instrumental or classical. In other words, they are made to promote music of the type, in addition to being used for work with video editors.

You can also find sheet music to practice your skills on instruments such as guitar, piano or ukulele, among others.

To learn how to download free music on Musopen, visit the link to enter the site. Then choose an author or category. Alternatively, you can also search for a specific song in the search bar at the bottom.

learn how to download free music on musopen

With the chosen song, click on the download icon, as shown in the screenshot below.

download on musopen

Tip: see how to download free music on in more detail in this text!

4. Free Music Archive

Not as well known as the other options, Free Music Archive is an online collection of songs with a free license. That is, you can use them both in content such as videos and podcasts as well as listening to them for fun.

To find out how to download free music from the Free Music Archive, access the site through the link.

Now, hover your mouse over one of the types of music available on the site, choosing the category next.

download free music on FMA

After finding the song you want to download, click the button with the down arrow to download it.

click the arrow button to download

Tip: see how to download free music from the Free Music Archive in more detail in this article!


The last item on the list, is a site that allows you to download your collection. In fact, it is what allows you to download in the easiest way among all the sites we mentioned.

To download, you only need to access the link dedicated to the free songs to download and see which songs to download. To download, simply click on the downward pointing arrow icon.

how to download free music on

Tip: See more tips on how to download free music at in this comprehensive guide!

What songs have you downloaded on your PC?

Now that you have five sources to download music, tell us: what is your favorite genre and how many songs have you downloaded from these sites?

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