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Listening to music is a habit that many have acquired today, but one problem faced is their inaccessibility. To get around this, we made guides on how to download music from Youtube and SoundCloud. Now, it's time to explain how to download free music from

If you want to stay on top of this and have access to free classical music, keep reading!

1. What is

Before you know how to download free music from, you need to know what the platform is and how it works.

Musopen is a non-profit organization located in Tarzana, California, launched by Aaron Dunn in 2005. Its goal is to “release music” by providing free music to the public, without copyright restrictions.

It offers a large library of recordings and musical scores that are in the public domain, in addition to raising money to finance classical music recordings, which are published in the public domain.

The platform operates under a freemium model, where much of the content is available for free, allowing you to have a lot of music offline. HD quality premium downloads require a subscription.

which is?


Copyrights are the rights of an author of creative creations to prevent others from using their work for certain things, including copying and making presentations.

Public domain?

To understand how to download free music from and have access to several songs offline, you need to have a sense of what the public domain is. In short, it refers to all works and works that do not have copyright, that is, that can be used, copied, distributed by anyone without any impediment.

Works become public domain in many different ways, such as the expiration of copyright, if the work fails to qualify for copyright or if it is dedicated to the public by the creator.

2. How to download free music from

If you want to download music online, this is one of the best options for you. In it, you will find classic works by the most diverse authors, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin and Franz Schubert.

To download, you need to go to the platform's official website and login or create an account, if you don't already have one. To do this, click on the green icon in the upper right corner and proceed to “Register".

register how to download free music at

When creating an account, you will find three options: "Light", "Member" and "Benefactor". At first, click on the blue button that says “Register”, in "Light".

Now, just enter your name, email and password and click "Sign up", Right below. You will be redirected to your profile, where you can change your plan, change certain settings, apply to be a rental musician or hire teachers.

register how to download free music at

Just search for what you want to download in the "Search" at the top of the screen, select the song you want to download. Further down, click on the blue download icon to download. If it is yellow, it means that you need a premium account to download it.


Still on how to download free music on, you can go to the music page and select which songs you want to download using the same download icon.

musicians how to download free music at

download how to download free music at

What is the difference between Take, Member and Benefactor?

It's quite simple: the plan "Light" it's free, but comes with some limitations. In this mode, you can download music online only 5 times a day. It is important to mention that the audio quality will be low and the music release schedule will be the default.

The plan "Member" offers more benefits: with it, you can download music online as much as you want, in HD, in addition to having access to HD radio and receiving the songs up to two weeks in advance. However, it costs $ 55 a year.

Finally, the "Benefactor" it costs 20 dollars a month or 240 dollars a year, being quite salty. It has the same benefits as "Member", plus being able to order pieces of music.

What is the difference between Take, Member and Benefactor?

3. What else can I do at Musopen?

If knowing how to download free music from is not enough and you want to do more on the site, don't worry: it is possible!

Through Musopen, you have access to two great apps, radio and practice. With the first, you have access to free HD music streaming, being able to listen on your smartphone or paired with a speaker.

With the second, you can practice playing instruments, monitoring how long you've been playing daily, setting weekly goals, being able to ask for help if you get stuck and more.

Furthermore, on the website you can also find private teachers to teach you how to play the most varied instruments, such as guitar, violin, flute and piano.

What else can I do at Musopen? how to download free music at

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