How to download free music on Amazon? [Passo a passo]

The subscription to Amazon Prime Video goes beyond the display of acclaimed series of today, such as The Boys and Fleabag, and free shipping in the largest online store in the world. One of the advantages is how to download free music from Amazon.

Of course, that ends up meaning you can't download music online for free. On the other hand, it is worth considering that the subscription of only R $ 9.90 per month makes the songs in the collection come out almost for free.

You have never bought or signed anything from Amazon and even today you do not really understand what Amazon Prime is and what are the advantages of subscribing to it?

Other questions we will answer will be about the scope of Amazon Prime – does it really entitle you to all this for a low price? – and if it's a crime to learn how to download free music from Amazon.

After we have clarified all these issues, we will continue with the step by step guide that teaches you how to download free music from Amazon, allowing you to access the service catalog to listen to your music offline.

What is Amazon Prime?

A subscription service that allows Amazon customers to order products delivered through the online store without charging freight. At least that was the beginning of Amazon Prime, which today includes more services.

Amazon Prime Video is one of them. It is among the best apps for watching movies and series, featuring original movies and an extensive catalog of classics. Currently, it is even possible to subscribe to other online television channels for him, almost making the service become one of the IPTV options.

In addition, you also have access to Prime Reading, which gives you access to a collection of ebooks, comic books and audiobooks. This service is not the same as Kindle Unlimited, but it will guarantee good hours of reading.

Amazon Music is the same thing, giving you access to a collection of songs, playlists and online radio from the most diverse musical genres. Like Spotify and other competing services, Amazon Music allows its subscribers to download music online.

In other words, the subscription service is ideal for those looking for places to consume content during quarantine.

learn how to download free music on amazon with your Prime

Who has Amazon Prime is entitled to Amazon Music?

Are you already an Amazon Prime subscriber, but haven't heard of Amazon Music yet? So you probably want to know if you are entitled to the songs in this collection and if it is worth learning how to download free music from Amazon.

Our answer is a resounding yea. You will have access to Amazon Music. However, not the entire catalog.

Just as Prime Reading is a more limited version of Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Music is more limited than Amazon Music Unlimited.

That is, there are two music streaming services within the same service. If you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will have access to the basic version, which has less music. To access the complete catalog – including to download free music -, you must subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited separately.

Is it a crime to download free music from the internet?

According to Brazilian law, downloading music online for your own, non-commercial use is not a crime. That is, you can download songs for free if you are going to listen to them on your own. For use in commercial actions, it is an infringement of the copyright of the company or artist from whom you download the music.

It is also against the law to distribute files that infringe copyright. That is, you can download, but you cannot send to anyone.

Even so, it is worth mentioning that all offline music available for download on Amazon Music would not be a crime, even if downloading music from alternative portals was a crime in the country.

What does that mean? That legislation on downloading music without paying copyrights can change and become a crime, but downloading by subscribing to Amazon Prime would guarantee it nonetheless.

That is, you learn how to download free music on Amazon Music and you can never be prosecuted for it.

Now for the final part: how to download free music from Amazon to listen even when disconnected!

How to download free music on Amazon?

The first step to learn is to subscribe to Amazon Prime, which you can do through the link.

After creating your subscription – enjoy 30 days free to try the whole service! -, access the link to download the Amazon Music app for Android. Even though it is possible to access it through internet browsers, you will not be able to download it from your computer.

Have you explored the service menus a little and even put a playlist to play? Then choose a playlist you want to download to listen offline. It is worth mentioning that it is only possible to download complete lists to listen on Android.

open a list of amazon music

Now, tap the button in the form of a down arrow, usually used to indicate that something can be downloaded.

download free music on amazon by tapping the button

The download will start automatically. To follow the download progress, just swipe down and check your notification bar.

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After downloading, you will have the list ready to listen when you want, even when you have no internet!

Want to know where to download more free music?

In a way, you can't say that Amazon Music downloads are free, since you have to pay a monthly subscription.

To find other sites where you can download music for free without actually paying anything, see our guide teaching you where to legally find and download free music!

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