How to download music from SoundCloud free?

SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for uploading and listening to music on the internet, especially from independent artists. The good thing is that these artists can choose to allow the user to download free music at will. Still, not everyone knows how to download music from SoundCloud for free.

The process of downloading music online over there is very simple and can be done in minutes. Of course, not all songs can be downloaded this way, but there are some alternatives. You can check everything below!

How to download music from SoundCloud free

The official process for downloading music online from SoundCloud is quite easy, as we mentioned. The walkthrough is as follows:

Step 1: to start just open SoundCloud and search for the song you want to download. Then, click on the “More” option.

using soundcloud

Step 2: it is exactly in this option that the “Download File” button will appear, so click on it. If this button does not appear there, it is because the song cannot be officially downloaded by SoundCloud.

download official free soundcloud music

Step 3: now just save the file on your computer. It comes in mp3 format and can be downloaded in your Downloads folder on the PC.

using soundcloud

Pretty simple to download free SoundCloud music, isn't it? This way, you can listen to your music offline at any time.

Unfortunately, not all songs can be downloaded this way. As mentioned, you only have this option if the uploader has decided to leave the download alternative open to the public. If you want to download the unavailable tracks to listen to the songs offline, the way is to use another method.

Alternative method

The alternative method of downloading music online on SoundCloud is to use an external website, SoundCloud Downloader. You can access it through the link.

Step 1: go to SoundCloud and get the url of the song you want to download. Place this link in the blank field of the SoundCloud Dowloader.

how to download music from soundcloud free downloader

Step 2: with the url there, just click on the “Download” option and save the file on your PC.

download soundcloud songs

Okay, now just enjoy the songs you downloaded on SoundCloud. It is worth mentioning that some tracks may not even work in SoundCloud Downloader.

The site itself warns that about 95% of the tracks on SoundCloud can be downloaded there. Therefore, you may end up finding some that will give an error when downloading.

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