How to download music from YouTube to the thumb drive?

Downloading music online is one of the best ways to access it when you're offline. That is the main reason to learn how to download music from YouTube to flash drive.

By doing this, you can carry it around and put it on any computer or smart TV capable of playing MP3 files. If she accepts MP4 files, she can even watch the video clip on her television.

But how to download music from YouTube to flash drive? Can I tell you the truth? It's easier than it looks!

You only need one program to be able to download free music from the world's largest video platform. Called YouTube By Click, we'll talk about it later in the article.

In addition to it, you will only need the thumb drive to load your music offline!

Check below how to download music from YouTube to flash drive!

Why learn to do that?

As we explained above, learning how to download music from YouTube to flash drive is interesting to not rely on streaming music apps. So, you don't have to be connected all the time.

Anyone who has traveled to mountain cities, knows very well how the smartphone signal may not be as strong. With an offline music collection, this complicated part of the journey will not be silent.

To be able to download music online from the world's largest video platform, you'll need YouTube by Click. Meet him below!

What is YouTube By Click?

YouTube by Click is a solution that serves both to download music online and any video available on the largest video site in the world. Therefore, it is our recommended program.

In addition, the software is better than using websites to download videos. One of the guarantees of the program is that it can download without so much loss of quality, as it happens in these pages.

Above all, YouTube by Click is very simple to use, as far as the sites we mentioned. But do you know how you will understand this? Check out the complete step by step below!

How to download music from YouTube?

The first step is to access the link and download YouTube by Click on your computer. Then, just do the installation, which happens in a few minutes.

Then, just open the program. YouTube by Click will be on hold.

Now, open your favorite internet browser and access YouTube. Then, just search for the first song in the playlist you want to have on your thumb drive.

search for the song you want to download from YouTube to the thumb drive

Did you find the song? Click on it to access the video!

choose the song you want to download

Then, copy the URL.

copy the video url

Now open YouTube by Click again and paste the URL in the start bar by clicking Download Next.

paste the URL and click download

The program will download the music. After that, just look for the next ones to download!

Tip: YouTube by Click also allows you to download playlists. If you have personalized lists on YouTube, don't hesitate to download them all at once!

How to transfer the songs to the Pen Drive?

Now comes the easy part. Plug your thumb drive into the computer. Access the download folder where your music went, select the song – or songs – that you want to put on the thumb drive with the right mouse button, choosing the option Copy.

copy the song you downloaded from youtube to the flash drive

Then open the folder on your flash drive. You can either choose an internal folder or simply paste it directly onto the flash drive.

paste the music into the folders on your flash drive

Ready! You now have a complete list of songs that you can listen to without depending on an internet connection.

Did you understand how learning how to download music from YouTube to the thumb drive can be very useful? Then click on the link to download YouTube by Click!

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