How to dub in TikTok? [Passo a passo]

Because of, today TikTok has a vast collection of songs. All of them can be dubbed easily and you can learn how to dub in TikTok in just a few steps.

Why learn how to do voice acting on TikTok? The first answer is to gain followers on TikTok through your content. The social network has expanded rapidly, allowing aspirants to become famous on TikTok to try to leverage their careers by producing content.

Dubbing is one of the main types of posts, in addition to being sure of success, especially if your content reaches the most active audience on the platform. These are some of the reasons why learning how to do voice acting on TikTok is so important.

On the other hand, there is no complication for you to publish voiceovers on this social media.

To help you with this task, we will show you a complete step by step of how to do voice acting in TikTok below. Learn more about TikTok's music and learn how to produce one of the types of content most used by celebrities on the platform!

How to dub in TikTok?

1 – Open the app and tap the “+”In the lower central corner of the screen;

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2 – By default, your rear camera will be activated. It's no fun to learn how to do voice acting on TikTok without you showing up, right?

Then tap the button Reverse in the menu on the right to use the smartphone's front camera.

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3 – Now click on Sounds, in the top center bar of the screen.

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4 – Search for the song you want to dub in the search bar, choose from the most chosen by TikTok users or access the list of songs by category by scrolling down.

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5 – After choosing your music, you will be returned to the home screen, with the front camera pointed at you. Now, just tap the big red button at the bottom of the screen to start dubbing!

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6 – Get in sync, but also keep the animation going and do a little dance to accompany it! The more fun and authentic it looks, the greater your chances of your followers interacting with you. Who knows, they might even invite you to meet some TikTok Challenges?

7 – After recording, you can edit the result, applying filters, masks and special effects to your dubbing and choreography. Put as many as you need to create your video in TikTok and tap Advance to publish your dubbing.

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8 – Finally, add a description to your video, checking any hashtags or followers you have on the platform. Touch Publish when everything is ready!

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9 – Ready! Now you've learned how to do voice acting on TikTok and how to create super fun videos for one of the most popular social networks in the world!

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