How to gain free Instagram followers: 9 tricks and tips

You can't ignore that investing in Instagram ads – those with the “Learn More” button – or apps to gain followers can help a lot if you want to make extra money from your Insta profile. On the other hand, it is not always possible to invest in these services, especially if it is starting. But how to gain free Instagram followers?

Despite recent declines in post reach, you can still cultivate a follower base for your profile without spending money. As your followers grow, we recommend that you consider setting aside a budget to boost your profile and increase your chance of doing new business.

While this day is not yet enough, get your hands dirty to make your profile rock with these free Instagram followers tricks and tips!

1. Optimize your bio

The first thing you'll do when creating an Instagram account is set up a bio about yourself. Choosing a username, profile picture, short description, and link to your site are some of the information you should enter.

Do not think that just putting a picture of you and writing anything will be enough, because it is not!

Although simple, optimizing your bio will make it easier to find in Instagram searches. So try to use your own name or your brand name.

In the description, try to be succinct and show Insta users what you do or sell. If you want to teach your followers how they can make money online daily, for example, put something like “I teach entrepreneurs how to have an internet business,” or “I teach people how to make extra income from web services.”

Also, try to put at least one hashtag in this space. It must be related to your desktop and have a certain popularity. If you don't know much about hashtags yet, check out this list we made with the 250 most popular Instagram hashtags to get started.

To learn how to gain free Instagram followers by optimizing your bio, check out this complete walkthrough!

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2. Learn how to get post ideas

Consistency is the most important skill for those who want to live content on social networks. So learning how to come up with post ideas easily is essential to building your schedule and keeping content constant on your profile.

For more ideas, carry a notebook or note-taking app with you and put them in the archive whenever you have a new idea. Still not sure how to get started?

Then write down these Instagram post ideas that we show in the article!

3. Create a content calendar with these ideas.

Do you know the tip we just gave about jotting down every post idea you have? This is where they will go. In it, you can schedule when you will produce the post and when you will schedule your publication.

Having an organized post calendar is recommended for the following reasons:

1 – You will not be lost without knowing what to post;

2 – Know when you need to search for new post ideas;

3 – You have more space to create your posts calmly without having to do something fast and wrong.

So don't underestimate the good old agenda. Or if you prefer, you can check out these apps to schedule Instagram posts to keep track of your posts.

how to get free instagram followers schedule

4. Study the best time to post to Insta

You'll see several miracle formulas about the ideal time to schedule your Insta posts. Do not believe them.

There is no better fixed time to post. This time depends on the habits of your audience and there is only one way to know when is the best time to post on Instagram: testing!

Instagram's metric tools can help you with this task as it analyzes the times and days of the week your followers are most active. Evaluate these times and start changing your schedule according to the results you are achieving.

If you have a large following in other countries, you also need to consider the time zone in your planning. That way you will be able to reach out to those in your native country and your international followers.

Learn more by checking out this full article that will teach you all about finding the best time to post on Instagram!

best times to post

5. Be consistent in your content.

You already know how to jot down post ideas, the importance of setting up an editorial calendar for your Instagram, and studying the best time to post. That is, you already have all the tools to consistently publish content.

Remember that being consistent is different from being persistent. It's not enough to just persist in posting one post a day. Doing this is the recipe for creating bad posts that give little results.

Being consistent means posting often, but with a quality standard that will allow your profile to grow and get Instagram followers free and, even better, fast.

6. Encourage your followers to comment

The fuel responsible for keeping your profile gaining followers is not the number of likes or even the current number of followers. It's the engagement on Instagram that really matters.

That's why your content needs to encourage your followers to comment on posts. Asking questions at the end of the caption is one of the most appropriate ways. Something quite common is also asking your follower to mark an acquaintance who may like the publication.

When commenting on your post, don't be stopped! Respond to the comment whenever possible, as your answers also count as engagement for the Instagram algorithm.

And the greater the engagement, the more likely your post will reach more followers. Check out this full article with several strategies to help you get comments on Instagram!

7. Draw on Instagram

One of the best ways to increase your engagement quickly is through Instagram sweepstakes. You can give away some of your products or services, or a wish item from your followers you already have. This way, sweepstakes will make it possible for you to earn free Instagram followers without buying the prize.

As a rule of the draw, you can ask your followers to tag others who might be interested in the prize. So that those users who are not followers can also win, ask them to follow your profile to become eligible.

To be able to make your giveaway and choose someone who has completed all the steps, click now on the link and get to know this free Instagram giveaway tool!

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8. Follow Instagram Experts

Even if your niche is not people who use Instagram for business, it is essential that you follow Instagram experts. These professionals are always following the latest news and trends in content, and offer training, courses and tips on their content.

By following these users, you are not stuck with the ideas we show throughout this article. On the contrary, it will have up-to-date advice and know all about what's happening at Insta and the digital marketing marketplace.

expert urges

9. Study the hashtags!

Closing the list of tips and tricks so you can get free Instagram followers, be sure to learn more about hashtags.

Terms accompanied by “#” are used by search engines and their use allows your posts and profile to be found more easily on the social network. Instagram imposes a limit of 30 hashtags per post, but that doesn't mean you should use these 30.

There is still much doubt about the optimal number of hashtags that should exist in a post. This is why you should test what works for your profile. You can use tools to find ideal hashtags for your business or study competing profiles.

That way you'll find popular hashtags within your niche. It's also worth mentioning that you must use at least one hashtag of your own, that is, a term with the name of your brand or campaign you're promoting.

Thinking of investing to gain followers?

Already have a growing profile and think it's time to invest to boost your Instagram business? Our first recommendation is to study about Instagram ads. Paid ads allow you to link to feed posts or stories, making it easy to capture leads for your business or even selling directly through the social network.

The second alternative is to invest in apps to gain followers. These apps use automatic interactions to follow profiles and like posts, increasing the chances of being followed back.

Additionally, most of these apps work as a full-featured manager, allowing you to send automatic messages in Direct, schedule posts, and report on your profile growth.

So click on the link now to get to know Bume, one of the most reliable tools that offers 5 days of FREE testing on the platform!

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