How to have 2 WhatsApp on the same phone: step by step

Like most chat apps, WhatsApp only allows the user to have an account on their smartphone. It is linked to your mobile number and can also only be used on a single device. Still, there are those who need to use WhatsApp 2 on the same phone. This can be either because the person has two personal numbers or because he also has a professional number in which he serves customers on WhatsApp.

Fortunately, there are apps that can let two accounts be used on WhatsApp and other social networking apps. To know how to do this, just check out our tips below!

How to have 2 WhatsApp on the same phone

As we mentioned, it is possible to have 2 WhatsApp on the same phone with the help of certain applications. For our tutorial, we will use Parallel Space, which is considered one of the best for this.

It can be used on both Android and iPhone, so just follow the link to download and install it on your smartphone. With that done, just follow the steps below to have 2 WhatsApp on the same phone.

Using Parallel Space

With Parallel Space installed, it's very simple to use. To start, open it on your smartphone to start its initial setup.

Step 1: the first screen will give you a sense of what the app does, which is to clone apps so you can use two accounts. Click "start" to continue.

have 2 whatsapp on the same mobile app

Step 2: on the second screen, you will have the option of which apps you want to clone. Some will be selected by default, including WhatsApp. Define what you want or not to clone and click on “Add to Parallel Space” to proceed.

have 2 whatsapp on the same phone clone apps

Step 3: with that done, you will be taken to the screen with the cloned apps. There you can clone more apps or use those that are already cloned. To enjoy your second WhatsApp account, click on its icon there.

use second account on whatsapp

Step 4: You will see a WhatsApp welcome screen next. Click on "Agree and continue".

two whatsapp on smartphone

Step 5: on the next screen, there is not much secret to getting 2 WhatsApp on the same phone. You must enter the phone number you want to use for this second WhatsApp account and click "Next".

use 2 whatsapp on the same cell phone number

Step 6: Next, you must configure the data for that profile. This includes the photo that will be displayed and the username that you will use. When you decide, click “Next” again to proceed.

new whatsapp profile

Step 7: with all this done, you will be taken to the screen of your WhatsApp account. If it is an existing account and you have backup of the conversations, they will appear right away. Otherwise, it is possible that you will only see the groups to which you are added, but without the message logs themselves.

2 whatsapp on the same phone new account

Ready! Very simple to set up 2 WhatsApp on the same phone, right? You can do this with almost any other chat or social networking app using just Parallel Space.

Remember that your normal account is in the WhatsApp app and that the secondary one you just created must always be accessed through Parallel Space. This way, you also don't get confused and answer the wrong account by mistake.

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