How to Have a Successful Instagram: 7 Tips for Taking Off

As the fastest growing social network, learning how to have a successful Instagram has become the goal of many digital influencers.

The good news is there is not a formula ready to achieve this. Over the years, Instagram has become a multidisciplinary content platform. That is, allows you to put images, videos, Stories and even live broadcasts, you can choose which ones will produce content.

Even so, some practices are essential to build a successful Insta, which allows you to earn money on Instagram and attract real and engaged followers with your content.

To do this, we've put together 10 of the top tips on how to have a successful Instagram. We'll talk about application usage for Instagram, content production, and interaction strategies, for example.

Continue reading below to learn how to have a successful Instagram in 10 simple tricks to make your Insta take off and get you on the way to being an influencer on Instagram!

1. Interactions are key

The principle of any social network is to promote interaction and with Instagram is no different. On the other hand, this does not mean that it should interact in any way.

how to have an instagram of successful interactions

Your interactions with Insta should be strategic. That means you must know what kind of content you need to interact with to attract the attention of users and the author of the post.

This is the main tip for anyone who wants to learn how to succeed on Instagram.

A good way to optimize this industry is through automated interaction applications. You set up these apps to search posts and profiles to enjoy and follow, greatly increasing your reach, without violating Instagram rules.

Throughout the article, we'll give you some tips on how to set up these apps to get real followers for your profile. For now, check out some of the top auto-interaction sites for Instagram.

  • Manage: Test free for 5 days. Click here to create your access;
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  • Perforgram: 15-day warranty for new users. Click here to create your access;
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  • iPost.Me: Try for free for a limited period. Click here to create your access.

2. Do not buy fake followers!

At some point in your journey and learning how to have a successful Instagram, someone will surely tell you that buying followers is a good idea.

Do not believe it!

Despite the instant growth of your followers, these users are fakes that will not interact with your content. Nor will they buy from you. This is just one of many reasons you should not buy fake followers on Instagram.

In addition, there are tools by which other users can see the growth of your profile. As the purchase ends up providing an abnormal growth rate, they will surely suspect that you are buying followers.

If the suspicion is confirmed, you can be reported and banned from Instagram. Worse than that: having your reputation tarnished, which will hinder any endeavor in the direction of working on the internet.

how to have a successful purchase instagram

Buying is also one of the biggest reasons why users start losing followers on Instagram, as we show in this article.

3. Optimize your biography

Users can find you because of a post they made, but your profile will still be your business card.

What does that mean?

That he should be as optimized as possible to persuade this user to click the follow in your profile. Make sure you have an objective description, but also be eye-catching.

Also, make a good selection of your best content and use these apps to make prominent covers on Instagram, making your profile look more professional. Below is an example of an optimized profile and check out this article with all the tips for having a biography on Instagram that is killer!

how to have a successful instagram profile

4. Write down and schedule your post ideas

It is not uncommon to run out of ideas about what to post on Insta. This is a problem that plagues 100% of content producers on any platform.

Therefore, there are several strategies to keep the flow of ideas and publications constant. One of the simplest involves the use of three types of applications. The first is a common annotation app – see some examples for Android and iPhone. Any ideas that come to mind should be put into that app.

Next comes the calendar or diary application. Set the date on which you will produce each of these post ideas that are in your annotation app. Without constancy there is no way to have an Instagram of success.

After you create the content, schedule your automated publishing on Insta through a social media manager. In this type of application, you put the image or video of your post, paste the caption and say what day and time the publication should be online.

From there, the app does the service on its own. If you do not know an application that works this way, click the link to get to know Etus!

5. Test all content platforms

Instagram currently has three built-in content platforms: the feed, Instagram Stories and IGTV. Here's how each of them works:

  • Feed: the main page of Insta. Allows posts with an image, carousel, or videos up to 1 minute. All of them are accompanied by a legend with up to 2,000 characters;
  • Instagram Stories: Stories posts are available for only 24 hours. You can put an image or videos up to 15 seconds. Its bar is located at the top of the feed and is where you can also make lives. Its main highlight are the adhesives, which promote interaction through polls or tests;
  • IGTV: the younger brother, who faces YouTube. Only accepts videos, which can take from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length.

meet all platforms of insta

To understand how to have a successful Instagram, try each one and see which ones bring the most return on engagement. Do your followers love to interact in lives? So focus on producing them more than the other formats.

To understand more about how your followers behave in relation to your Instagram profile, check out the tip below.

6. Understand the metrics

If you already have a business account with Instagram, you have access to the data about your profile and the content you post on the social network. Knowing how to read important information is essential to learning how to have a successful Instagram.

These metrics are located in the menu in your profile by simply clicking on the icon Information.

how to have a metric success instagram

In it, you will have access to data on the growth in your number of followers, in addition to a comparison compared to an earlier period. You'll also be able to see how many users a post you've reached, plus the number of un-tanned and comments that have been given on it.

In this way, you can develop strategies to gain followers, promote more engagement or even sell more through Instagram Shopping, among other possibilities.

Tip: To understand all the information that Insta provides you with, see this complete guide to Instagram metrics!

7. Draw Sweepstakes on Instagram

Want a way to make your Instagram grow quickly without resorting to buying followers? Try promoting sweepstakes on Instagram!

This type of action is quite successful when planned correctly. To succeed in your raffle campaigns, you need to adopt some strategies. The first of these is to study your audience and understand what kind of product would make them take the necessary steps to participate.

The second is to simplify the rules as much as you can. The less steps someone needs to take to participate in a lottery, the better. The third and last rule is that you must take a step by requiring the user to become your follower on Instagram.

know the apptuts drawing tool

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