How to increase internet speed on Prompt

It is very common to look for ways to test or increase internet speed on your PC. In some situations, when you are getting the exact speed you are paying for, there is not much to do. But in cases where the internet goes slow for no reason or you don't get the speed you promised, there are a few ways to solve the problem. Interestingly, some of these ways involve Command Prompt.

If you're curious and ready to know how you can increase internet speed with Command Prompt, just check out our top tips. See everything in detail below!

How to open Command Prompt

First of all, it is important that you know how to open and use Command Prompt on your Windows. The good thing is that this is relatively simple and can be done in a few different ways.

The first way to open Command Prompt is also one of the easiest. Just press the "Windows" and "X" keys at the same time to make a small options window appear.

open command prompt

From the available options, just choose “Command Prompt” to open the program. If you want to open in admin mode, just click on the option with “(admin)” on the side.

There is still another option to open this same options window slightly differently. Just click on the Windows Start Menu with the right mouse button.

Then, as in the previous step, select Prompt (in admin mode or not) to use it.

Finally, you can simply use the search feature of Windows. It is present in all modern versions of the operating system.

command prompt in windows

Type "cmd" or "Command Prompt" in the system search field and the application will appear among the results by simply clicking on it to open. The search field can be accessed from the Start Menu and you don't need to click it to start typing. Just hit the Windows key once and type to search.

1. Renew the IP Address

The first thing you can do to increase internet speed with Command Prompt is to renew your IP address. This can solve some slow issues most of the time.

To do this, type the ipconfig / release command and hit the Enter key to confirm it. You will see some columns of text appearing right after.

increase internet speed

When this stops, type the ipconfig / renew command and press the Enter key again. This should renew your IP address and any related internet issues should pass.

2. Clear DNS Cache

Another possible alternative to increase internet speed is to clear the DNS cache. This is because your PC stores a type of list with the name of websites and IP addresses you visit, which should make it easier to connect to a previously opened site at other times.

The problem is that any corruption that happens in the cache can slow your access much slower than normal. This leads us to do this quick cache clearing.

To do this, simply type ipconfig / flushdns at the Command Prompt and press the Enter key.

increase internet speed at command prompt

You will then see the message that the cache was successfully cleared.

3. Reset Winsock

Our next alternative is to reset Windows network sockets. They may also end up being corrupted for some reason, which would slow your connection or have no access.

To reset them to default, you must type netsh winsock reset at the Command Prompt and press the Enter key to confirm the action.

increase internet speed on PC

You will then see a message asking you to restart your computer. Do just that and then see if you can increase the speed of the internet when the PC is turned on again.

4. Use the Netsh Command

The Netsh command is well known for allowing you to perform various network configurations on your PC through the Command Prompt. These changes can greatly affect internet speed performance if you notice slow or slow loading of the websites you want to visit.

Below we will list the commands you need to enter in the Command Prompt one after the other. You will be confirmed that it was entered correctly by an “OK” after each command:

  • netsh int tcp set global chimney = enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = normal
  • netsh int tcp set supplemental
  • netsh int tcp global set dca = enabled
  • netsh int tcp global set netdma = enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global ecncapability = enabled
  • netsh int tcp global set congestionprovider = ctcp (Command for Windows 7 only)

Once you have entered all the commands and received the "OK" on each one, it is time to restart your PC.

increase netsh internet speed

Check if everything is working properly and if you noticed any difference in the performance of your internet. If you want to disable some of the settings you have enabled, simply enter the code again and change the word “enabled” to “disabled”.

5. Increase streaming speed

Finally, we have a very specific tip for those who have a good internet connection in general, but notice problems when watching streaming videos. This is a very common situation that happens when your internet provider gives you these locks in order to save your bandwidth.

To solve, simply enter the command netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name = ”StopThrottling” dir = in action = block remoteip = / 24, / 16 enable = yes and press the Enter key to confirm the action.

Then just test some streaming service that gave you trouble before and see if anything has improved.

Did you like the tips to increase internet speed?

Could you take our tips on how to increase internet speed with Command Prompt? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are any other suggestions you would like to see here.

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