How to integrate Marketing Funnel by CRM?

Essential for any business, the marketing funnel allows you to see how many prospects are at each stage of your sales process. Therefore, it is essential to know how to integrate marketing funnel through CRM.

After all, this system will be responsible for keeping your customers' information saved, as well as any tasks associated with them. Therefore, nothing is more natural than having your marketing funnel in your company's CRM.

Are you looking for information about CRM and the marketing funnel, but still feel a little lost in the middle of these nomenclatures? Smoothly!

In the next few paragraphs, we will explain to you what the marketing funnel is and why it is so important that it is present in your company's CRM.

In the end, we will use a CRM called PipeDrive to teach you how to integrate marketing funnel with CRM in a practical way.

If you are just looking for a CRM or want to perform the step by step at the same time that you read the article, access the link and sign up for 30 days of FREE platform tests!

What is Marketing Funnel?

The first thing you need to know is the concept of marketing funnel, one of the most widespread in this area. Representing by a funnel-shaped chart, it is useful to have an overview of which stage of the sale your prospects then.

With this view, you can identify bottlenecks in your process. That is, where the prospects are usually stuck in the funnel. Thus, it is possible to develop offers or content that make them move on to the next part of the funnel, helping to convert more into your business.

Marketing funnels are typically made up of three stages. Are they:

  • Top: is not yet a contact and does not know you yet. At this stage, you create strategies to attract new contacts.
  • Middle: you already know your business, but you are not yet a customer. You must be attracted to the next stage through content that will deepen you or through offers.
  • Bottom: has a relationship with your company and is just a few steps away from buying from you. Usually, you only need one offer to close a deal.

marketing funnel

Why does your Marketing Funnel need to be in a CRM?

The reason is simple: the marketing funnel is an important part of evaluating your customer relationships. Through it, you will be able to know how is the relationship with any of your customers.

In addition, it will give you an overview if your prospects are having trouble moving to the deepest stages of the funnel.

That is, you will have greater clarity on what stage of your relationship with your customers you are and what you should do to close more deals.

Knowing how to integrate marketing funnel through CRM is essential for your sales sector, especially when we talk about online sales.

How to integrate Marketing Funnel by CRM?

As there are several types of CRM, each with its particularities, we need to choose one for this part of the tutorial.

For that, we chose PipeDrive, a sales and marketing CRM that allows you to integrate marketing funnel into it.

For the first 30 days, you can use PipeDrive for FREE. So click on the link and register to get started.

After making your registration, you will be taken to the PipeDrive home screen. Make the first tutorials on the site, especially the import of contacts. PipeDrive allows you to import data from an Excel spreadsheet or even from other systems you have already used.

How to create the skeleton of your marketing funnel?

To create the marketing funnel and integrate your contacts into it, you don't have to go far: just edit your pipeline. However, it is worth noting a small difference in the funnel we showed above the pipeline PipeDrive: it is available in horizontal format.

In this case, the top of the funnel starts on the left of the screen, with the other two on the right. To better understand, follow the steps below.

– Click the pen icon next to Pipeline.

pipeline "width =" 600 "height =" 227 "src =" "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

– Remove the two lists on the right of the screen by hovering over them and choosing Delete Stage.

delete the spare stage

– Now change the names. In order not to be confused when calling each Top, Middle and Bottom list, use the names Visitors, Leads and Opportunities. Just click on the bar below Name and give the name.

name the marketing funnel stages in CRM

– You have the skeleton of your marketing funnel ready. The first part of how to integrate marketing funnel with CRM is done.

Adding contacts to the funnel

Now, let's put a contact on it. click in + Deal to begin the process of how to integrate marketing funnel into CRM.

add one

Enter the contact information. In Pipeline stage, show which of the previously created phases the contact is in. click in Save when finished.

add the contact to the marketing funnel

Okay, now the contact will appear in the funnel stage you programmed.

If you want to schedule a meeting or present an offer to that contact, click on the small yellow icon next to it to schedule a task related to it. In these coronavirus times, you can put your favorite team meeting application to good use to also talk to customers.

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From here, just insert the other contacts of your company in the respective stages of the marketing funnel.

If you have imported data from another CRM or Excel spreadsheet, the name of the contact will appear as soon as you write the first letters of your name on that form, making access easier.

Were you able to learn how to integrate?

One of the best ways to evaluate and improve your relationship with customers and sales is certainly the marketing funnel. Without it, it is much more difficult to monitor your relationship with customers, which can result in lost sales.

Did you find it interesting how we integrated the marketing funnel throughout the article? How about starting to do it on your own? Just sign up for PipeDrive and enjoy your 30-day FREE trial!

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