How to invert the PC screen or make it back to normal

You were working normally until you inadvertently pressed a key combination that did something very strange: you took the computer screen off the pattern. And now, how to invert the PC screen and get things back to normal?

inverted screen example

After all, if you did it by accident, finding the key combination will help you get things back to normal. Ever wondered if this happens when you are recording the screen of your PC?

Another possibility is that your screen eventually became unconfigured after you unplug a second monitor. You can not really tell why this happens to you, but by knowing how to fix it, you do not have to be afraid to plug the other monitor again.

But who said that this tutorial is just for fixing errors? If you work or are learning programming, you may prefer a non-horizontal screen pattern to better visualize the codes.

Regardless of why you need to learn how to flip the PC screen, let’s show below three different ways to do this without problems.

The first one will show you how to do the inversion from the configuration of your Windows. For this tutorial, we use the most current version of Windows 10. Next, we’ll show you the different keyboard shortcuts you can use to rotate your screen.

Now that you know what to expect, see below the complete tutorial on how to flip the PC screen!

How to invert the PC screen by settings

1 – Right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings;

how to flip the pc screen home

2 – Find the box Guidance;

how to invert pc screen orientation

3 – Set whether you want the screen to be in the default Landscape, Landscape (overturned), Portrait or Portrait (turned over);

how to invert pc screen set

4 – Windows will allow you to confirm your choice. To finish, click the Keep changes;

how to flip pc screen finish

How to invert the PC screen by keyboard shortcuts

You do not need to follow all these steps to turn the screen if you do not want to. Windows allows you to rotate the screen just by pressing using a few keyboard shortcuts.

The shortcut to rotate the screen is Ctrl+Alt+any of the arrow keys.

use this keyboard combination

Remember that this combination does not work on all computers. If your PC is one of these, use the previous method.

Did you make the inversion?

You may want to learn how to rotate your screen to fix an accident or see better programming codes. You can also do this to make your computer more like a cell phone.

This makes it easy to check content like Instagram Stories or IGTV videos, for example. No matter the reason, these two ways will be enough to put your screen in the pattern you want.

Now that you have mastered how you view your computer while learning how to flip the PC screen, how about knowing more about Windows?

If you spend hours playing, but are concerned about possible overheating, be sure to check out our complete guide on how to measure the temperature of your PC.

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