How to join Amazon Affiliates to make money?

Have you ever imagined making money just by posting links from Amazon on your blog, website or even on your YouTube videos. That's exactly how a lot of people make extra income when they are part of Amazon Affiliates. This special company program allows you to get personalized product links from the store so you can earn a commission if someone uses that link to purchase the item.

Very interesting, especially for those who want to work from home, don't you think? Fortunately, it is not at all complicated to be part of Amazon Affiliates today. You just need to have a website, blog or vehicle on which to publish original and public content. If you want to check out our complete guide, just take a look at the tips below!

How to join Amazon Affiliates

Well, the first thing you should do if you want to be part of Amazon Affiliates is to go straight to their member portal. This portal can be accessed by anyone at the following link.

Basically, it is on this page that Amazon gives more information about the program in general. It is also here that we will make our registration, which you can do with or without an existing Amazon account.

When entering the membership portal, we recommend that you read the information they offer. When you are finished checking everything, just click "Continue".

use amazon affiliates

That done, you will have to log in with your Amazon account or create one if you prefer. Regardless of whether you have this basic account or not, you will be taken to create a special member account.

amazon associates registration

To begin, you should take a look to see if the account name and address is in agreement with the person who will post the links and receive the commission money.

With that done, you will also need to answer two basic questions. Just say if you are the primary contact for the account and if you are a US citizen.

amazon affiliate account

Following this, you should basically prove that you actually have a website, blog or app where you plan to publish your member links. To do this, just put the URL of the website or app in the blank fields.

After that, click on “Next”.

associated amazon sites

It is important that you do not lie in this step or place a website that is not yours. After all, Amazon will analyze the URL entered after an associate link is used for the first time.

This is what will determine whether you actually pass the program or not.

Anyway, going to the next step, we have to fill in some data to be part of Amazon Affiliates. At the beginning, put your preferred ID, list of yourself

amazon affiliate profile

Going down a bit, you should also say which Amazon products you want to publish on your site in the form of member links. This is one of the most important parts of the registration for those who want to be part of Amazon Affiliates.

amazon products

In the "Traffic and Monetization" section, you have to say how you can generate traffic to your website. That is, how you get new visitors in general.

In the final part, you still need to answer how it generates income for your website. If there is still no income being generated in this way, it is important to be honest.

There is even an option of income earned by commissions with Amazon, so you can check this if you want.

income on amazon affiliates

When you are finished with your answers, simply enter the captcha code and say if you agree with the terms of service of the affiliate program. We recommend that you read everything even to make sure you use the member links correctly.

amazon questionnaire associated

After all this, just click on the “Finish” button. Then you will be informed that your registration is complete and that you can use the membership portal as needed.

Amazon affiliate signup

The portal is the same as the one shown at the beginning of our guide, so you can access it through this link. It will be on this portal, logged into your account, that you will see your commissions and that you will be able to get your affiliate links from Amazon.

amazon membership portal

You will only have to search for a product in the search bar, since Amazon itself generates a personalized link there.

Just don't forget to publish these links in the places you entered in your registration. After all, Amazon will check these sites to make sure everything is okay.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn how to be part of Amazon Affiliates? If you plan on earning extra income like that, be sure to check out our guide on digital banking, as it is a more efficient way to manage that money.

And if you want even more company benefits, be sure to check out Amazon Prime! By subscribing to this premium plan, you get discounts, free shipping, access to the collection of streaming movies, series and music and become a member of Twitch Prime.

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