How to learn English by yourself with these 10 apps

Knowing how to speak English is a requirement these days. Although cultural products like PC games and books are being launched in our language, English is still in high demand in the job market. But how to learn English alone without investing a lot of money in courses?

It is worth mentioning that the experience of taking classes – either online or in-person courses – is very important to fix learning, but we also know that not everyone is able to invest.

That’s why we’ve brought you some apps that can help you learn just as we did on this math game list. If you’re looking for ways on how to learn English on your own, be sure to check out the Android and iPhone apps below!

1. Duolingo

You have probably heard of Duolingo. Despite some limitations, its method that allows studying for short periods, ideal for those who have a busy routine.

Through daily exercises and separated by level of knowledge, they are distributed in small modules, which you can do in less than 15 minutes, for example.

In addition to reading and writing exercises, you will also be able to reproduce sounding phrases or make translations. It is worth mentioning that Duolingo is not just for learning English alone and you can study other languages ​​like Spanish or French.

Duolingo can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

how to learn english alone duolingo

2. Mondly

With free and paid plans, Mondly is ideal for those who want to learn English on their own because there is no one to talk to in English. Mondly brings modalities for you to study with virtual reality glasses and has a special version for children.

Mondly sends daily English practice classes and modules for students of different levels. It brings exercises to better learn writing, reading, speaking and speaking.

It is important to mention that you can learn over 30 different languages ​​in addition to English. Download Mondly on your Android or iPhone.

3. Cambly

Conversationally oriented, Cambly is an online platform that connects you with native speakers. That is, no learning English full of addictions or «Portuguese». Unlike the two apps mentioned, Cambly’s focus is on the language spoken in the Queen’s land.

Speaking of Queen’s land, one of Cambly’s main advantages is the ability to study with a specific accent as well. For example, imagine you will be exchanging in Australia.

Although the language is the same as US and England, the way of speaking, terms and accent is quite different. That is, is able to learn American English just to arrive in Australia and not understand anything because of the accent and terms used in everyday life.

With Cambly, you can choose to take classes and talk with Australian teachers. Click the link to meet Cambly.

4. Memrise

Also working differently from other applications, Memrise uses a course system to teach you how to speak other languages. Teachers can post courses on the platform, which is a great way to earn money online with your knowledge.

how to learn english alone memrise

For those who are studying, you can download classes to practice offline, as well as bring exercises and games to fix what you are learning. In addition, you can also talk to native teachers to improve your English fluency.

Memrise can be downloaded from both Android and iPhone.

5. Babbel

Featuring courses in 14 different languages, Babbel is also an excellent choice for those who want to learn English by themselves or other languages. Courses in the app are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to those familiar with a language.

In addition to learning reading and writing, you can also practice your pronunciation by doing exercises through the app’s voice recognition. Babbel is available for download on Android and iPhone.

6. BBC Learning English

Want to learn English with a British accent to impress your friends? BBC TV has the solution for you with BBC Learning English.

The app features exercises to improve your spelling and grammar, as well as activities to evaluate and work on your pronunciation and fluency. In addition, the app brings programs from your channel to train your listening.

BBC Learning English has new exercises daily and can send notifications to remind you to exercise your skills. Download BBC Learning English on your Android or iPhone.

bbc learning english

7. Ankiapp

With a learning system that uses cards to help you memorize words and sentences, Ankiapp is also an app that lets you learn languages ​​other than English.

You can edit these cards and flag them according to the best method for you. These learning cards can be shared for free through WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

Ideal if you find someone who wants to study with you. See more about Ankiapp on its Google Play or App Store page.

8. Livemocha

Like Memrise, Livemocha is a platform for taking different types of online courses. With about 15 languages, you can learn from native conversations, perfect for not getting addicted and improving your fluency.

The course modules feature different types of exercises that are shaped to be able to do in your free time. Click on the link to access Livemocha.

9. Lingualeo

Want your little ones to start practicing English independently? So Lingualeo is one of the best options. How to learn English by yourself with the app? Just follow the exercises and games of the charismatic lion, who acts as a mascot and guide.

Using methodologies such as gamification, he measures a child’s abilities and presents exercises that are in line with what he is learning.

Lingualeo is one of the highest rated English language apps on both the Play Store and the App Store.


10. Busuu

By closing the app list for those who want to learn English on their own, Busuu lets you start from the level you are at. When you start the app, you test it to assess your current fitness and adapt to what you need to learn.

It is one of the few apps that offer certification for those who finish their courses, as well as having their exercises corrected by native speakers. Busuu allows you to practice grammar and conversation along with complete courses.

Busuu can be downloaded from both Android and iPhone.

Learn more about apps on AppTuts!

Now that you know some of the top platform alternatives for learning English on your own, stay with us for more apps that can help you with your everyday life.

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