How to make a group video call on Telegram

Telegram has recently added a very useful new tool, allowing you to make a group video call very easily. With that, you'll be able to use the app for much more than you used to!

If you want to know how you can make such a video call with multiple people at the same time, just check out our article below with all the necessary steps!

How to make a group video call on Telegram?

The process is quite simple. Check the necessary steps:

  • 1. To start, you will open Telegram. In the app, select the group where you want to make the group video call or create a new one;
  • two. Now tap the group icon and then go to voice chat;
  • 3. To start chatting, tap start voice chat;

start making a group video call on Telegram

  • 4. Then activate both your microphone and your camera;
  • 5. Tap the icon of camera with the word video bent down to make a group video call on Telegram;
  • 6. To finish, just tap the icon for X and confirm by tapping End voice chat.

end make a group video call on Telegram

Call options

Also, within the video call you can choose some different controls by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner:

  • In Appear As… you can decide whether you want to appear as the personal account or as the group;

how to appear

  • In audio, can change the audio output;
    • Here, all audio devices will appear. For example, your AirPods, your bluetooth speaker, or headphones;

audio output make a group video call on the Telegram

  • When making a group video call on Telegram, you can also Edit Voice Chat Title;
    • Just type in whatever appears as a title;

chat title make a group video call on Telegram

  • He can Edit Permissions to let new members speak or not;
    • When selecting New Members Can Speak, anyone will be able to speak. This can be quite inconvenient depending on the situation. In Mute New Members, this will not happen;

speech permissions make a group video call on Telegram

  • By tapping on Noise Suppression, will enable or disable it;
    • It will essentially remove all background noise, ensuring much cleaner audio;
  • In Share screen, you'll share everything that appears on your screen;
    • Be careful, as even your notifications will show up;

share the screen

  • In Start recording, will record all audio of the call.
    • Just type in the name for the audio, so it's easier to find in the future!

start recording

Did you like our guide on how to make a group video call on Telegram?

Leave it in the comments if we were able to help you or if you're having a problem making video calls to the groups you're in.

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