How to make a website for personal use? Step by step

We know that creating a website is very important for those who have their own business, but it can also be a good idea for other types of use and people. You don't need such a platform just if you want to set up a virtual store, for example. You may just want to make a website for personal use or to show your work, projects or resume more creatively.

For those who work at home to earn extra income, this is an excellent idea, for example. The good news is that you can use a specific tool to make your website for personal use and not have to worry about a lack of technical knowledge. Find out more with our guide below!

Making a website for personal use

As we just mentioned, you don't need to have experience or extensive programming knowledge to create a website for personal use. There are excellent platforms that help you directly with this.

For our guide, we will use the Zyro platform for the whole example. This tool allows you to create free sites, but also sites with premium features.

This is great because you can test most of the site’s features before you know if you want to pay to make your personal site look more professional. Anyway, we will show you the whole process step by step.

Just go to the Zyro website and take a look at the next topic.

Using Zyro to make your website

If you are looking for tools to create websites, Zyro is easily one of the most complete. Once you access the site, you only need to create an account or log in with an existing account.

Step 1: with that done, go straight to your profile and click on the “Create new website” button. This button will be in the upper right part of the screen, as highlighted in the image below:

zyro screen with highlight for create new website button

Step 2: right after, you will see a page with only the free templates that Zyro has to offer. As you can see in the image below, there are several categories for these templates.

You can see everything at once or look through those categories. They are separated in the themes of: online store, services, photography, restaurants, portfolio, curriculum, events, website and blog.

choose personal website template

Enough, isn't it ?! Our tip is to try to find the theme that best matches the type of website you want to create. As we are talking about a website for personal use, it may be related to your hobby or your professional area.

The cool thing is that you can see a preview of each template before deciding to use it. Other than that, keep in mind that you can change almost everything in this template, so think of it just as the starting base of your site.

Step 3: with the template properly chosen, it's time to see what kind of changes we can make. First, it is worth saying that you can change all the text and images that are on the site to something that has to do with your idea.

Then, you can click on the "Add Elements" button on the left side of the screen. It is by doing this that you can place extra elements on your website, be it blocks of text, buttons, videos or images.

elements on the site for personal use

Basically, this is the most important option on the site, as this is where it will come whenever you want to add something new.

Step 4: the button on the side is called “Styles” and has a very basic function. It is with it that you will define the color palette of the website and the text present in it.

There are several different styles that you can test until you find something that has to do with the visual identity you want to convey. Of course, you can change that any time later.

colors on the website for personal use

Step 5: Our next tip is to look at the desktop and smartphone icon on the right. By clicking on one or the other, you can view the website layout on one of these devices.

It is very necessary that you arrange the layout in each one appropriately. After all, a layout designed only for large monitors can be super strange on a smartphone screen.

The good thing is that you can adjust these layouts independently.

website for personal use mobile

Step 6: knowing all this, you may want to change the look of the template you chose. That's what will make the site look more like you imagined.

You can change the elements present only by hovering the mouse cursor. This will show you what you are selecting and where you can click to make changes.

You can do everything with these elements, either to drag them to other parts of the screen, to remove them or even to resize them. Try a little bit of everything until you get a cool result from your site for personal use.

elements change screen

Step 7: when you're ready, you can click two buttons to the far right. These are the "View" options, to see how the site is on a real internet page, and the "Publish" option, which places the result on the air.

Of course, even after being published, the site can be changed at will. This is great for enhancing or adding new elements and news to your site for personal use.

publish website for personal use

Step 8: once all this is done, you only need to choose the website domain for personal use. This is also where the part of using Zyro is free or paid.

After all, you can choose between a free domain, but with the URL showing the name Zyro at the end. If you want your own, customizable URL, you'll need to pay for the domain.

If you want something professional, the paid plan ends up being the best option.

choose domain

Other than that, just click on "Continue" and your website for personal use will be properly published ". Very simple to use Zyro to create your website in a few steps, don't you think ?!

Our tip is that you try the different features of Zyro to become more familiar with what they have to offer. This will allow you to have an even more beautiful and complete website!

Did you like the guide?

Were you able to take advantage of this guide to learn how to make a website for personal use very simple? So don't forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think of the guide and if you managed to make your website the way you imagined!

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