How to make a website for your company? [Passo a Passo]

For those who have their own company, it is super important to think about strategies to facilitate contact with potential customers. One of the primary steps is to make a website for your company. Whether to show your products or services, to have a channel of contact with consumers or even to have a practical virtual store. Even those who work from home to earn extra income can benefit from creating their own website.

Of course, this may seem like a difficult thing to do for someone who has never tried to set up a website or blog from scratch. Fortunately, there are tools that you can use to make a website for your business effortless. We'll teach you everything below!

How to make a website for your company

As we mentioned, there are some tools and platforms that you can use to make a website for your company. A lot of people use services like Blogger and WordPress to set up their blogs, for example.

Of course, if you want something more complete or you don't need so much technical knowledge, there are other more appropriate platforms. Zyro is one of them, since it offers ready-made and free layouts for you to use as a base on your website.

Other than that, just add elements and drag them wherever you want on the page you are creating. All of this without having to know anything about programming.

Pretty interesting, don't you think ?! Then go to the Zyro website, create your account and follow the steps below:

Step 1: with your Zyro account created, go to your profile. There, you will find the “Create new website” button, which is where you must click to continue.

make a website for your business creation

Step 2: Next, you’ll have the free templates page we mentioned before. You can choose between different categories, such as online store, services, photography, restaurant, portfolio, curriculum, events, website and blog, for example.

choose between zyro templates

You can see a preview of each one before deciding. But when you find the perfect layout, just click on it to continue.

Step 3: with the template selected, just start modifying it to make everything your own style. You can start with the "Add Elements" button, which can be used to add text, buttons, images, videos, maps and more to your website.

make a website for your company add elements

Step 4: The button on the side is the "Styles" button. It basically lets you choose a color palette for the website the font used on it. You can also try all available ones before deciding.

choose between the color palette

Step 5: Now that you've added elements and changed the style, it's time to tweak the page a little more. To make a website for your company, you need to leave it with its own identity.

So, we suggest that you click on the different elements of the site to change them a little. You can resize, delete or drag them to other places on the site.

make changes to the site

Also place the photos, videos and texts you like best. You can do this little by little, especially if you are in doubt about what you want or not on the site.

Step 6: another tip we can give you is to look at the icon of a monitor and that of a smartphone. If you click there, you can see how the site looks on PCs and mobile devices.

It is very important that you adjust the layout in the mobile version so that everything is consistent. After all, it's not what works on a huge monitor that looks good on a 6-inch screen.

changes between desktop and mobile

Step 7: When you are finished changing your company's website, you can click "View" to get a sense of how it looks. If you need to, just make more changes and visualize until you reach the right point.

If you are satisfied, click on “Publish website” to put it on the air.

to make a website for your company to publish

Step 8: the last thing you will have to worry about is the creation of the domain. As you are about to make a website for your company, this is a very important step and one that should be considered carefully.

You can create a domain for free, but you will have “zyrosite” in the middle of your URL. This does not end up sounding so professional, so we advise you to use the paid version to create a custom URL.

choose domain on zyro

With that done, you will have successfully created the website for your company! Of course, you can continue to change it as you wish, which is great because it will only become more familiar with Zyro over time.

Did you like the tutorial?

Were you able to take advantage of our tutorial to learn how to make a website for your business? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions.

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