How to make a website free? [Passo a Passo]

Learning how to make a website for free is not as complex as it sounds. In fact, there are plenty of tools to create websites that can help you with that.

Although customization options are more limited when setting up a free website than on a paid platform, it will give you enough options to get started and get started. Especially if your goal is to earn money when working from home.

Want to learn how to make a website free? Then see what platform we will use for this guide. Then, step by step to create your first website without paying anything!

Which platform are we going to use?

There are several platforms that can help you create your website for free. Google's Blogger, for example, is ideal for those who prefer to create a blog.

It is useful for anyone thinking of creating a portfolio to showcase their work as a designer, among other creative professions. You can also use Wix to create an online store, for example.

Regardless of your goal, you will be able to learn how to make a website free on Wix, without having to spend money to get started or without spending hours on online courses to create websites.

That is, you can create sites on it even if you have no knowledge of web design or programming.

Follow our step by step below!

How to make a free website on Wix?

The first thing to do is access the link and click on the button Get Started, in the middle of the home page.

wix home page

Then, include your personal information like name and email to register for free. After registering, you have two options.

The first is to answer a questionnaire and receive a website according to your answers. The second is to create it from scratch, using the Wix website editor.

Using the first option will ensure models more suited to your goal. However, if you already have your website designed in mind, go straight to the second.

For this guide, however, we will answer the questionnaire. This way, we will have a website created more quickly, and can edit it later. Click the other button Get Started.

click start now to learn how to make a free website on Wix

Then write what type of business you are developing a page for. Click on the button Next, in the lower right corner of the platform.

describe the type of business

Now, indicate what kind of features your website needs to have. It is worth mentioning that the first options given by Wix are those recommended for the category of sites you chose before. You can still bookmark the resources you need.

choose resources for your website for free

After choosing resources, tell us what your site will be called. If you are creating a personal website, use your own name.

choose a name to make a free website

If you already had a website and are migrating your page to Wix, place your website in the field Existing site. If you are learning how to make a free website for the first time, you can click on Jump.

After that, enter your business logo, address and contact details. It is also possible to add links to your page on social networks.

insert basic information to your website

After entering the information, choose one of the ready themes that Wix will show you and click Continue.

select the theme for your free website

Here, you can create or use your business’s color palette. If you created it, just paste the color code on the screen below after clicking the button Create color palette. If you prefer to work on the visual identity at another time, just choose Jump.

To make the guide more practical, we’ll skip creating the color palette. Next, Wix will present you with several designs to create a free website.

select the template for your page

From here, you can edit your website. The first thing you should do is add pages. If you do not, you will be left with only the home page.

If you are looking to learn how to create a free website to advertise your services, we recommend that you add at least the page Jobs, About me and Curriculum. When you are finished adding pages, click the button Edit Sitein the upper right corner of the screen.

choose pages to create your free website

Now, Wix will start creating your website. After a few moments, you will have access to the full edit screen.

Here, you can exchange the texts of the site, personalizing it and leaving it with your face or that of your business. From here, the personalizations become more personal, just change images that you don't like, add buttons for your social networks and change the text.

Whenever you want to see a preview of how the page looked, click To view.

Now, is it time to finally stop learning how to make a free website and put it up? Then click Publish!

click publish and you will have finished learning how to make website free

When you do this, you will be taken to a screen. There, you must connect a custom domain or use the free Wix domain. As you are learning how to make a free website, choose the free domain option so you don't have to pay.

After that, just click on Publish and continue!

How is the creation of your page online?

By learning how to make a website for free, you increase the range to work without leaving home. You can use it to sell products, display artwork or advertise your services, among many other options.

What did you think of our guide? Were you able to create your website? Comment with us!

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