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How to Make Extra Income at 99 (Complete Guide)

How to Make Extra Income at 99 (Complete Guide)

For those who earn money doing different jobs, the 99 app can be a great option. It is another one of the countless transportation apps that you can use to work as a driver, whether with a taxi or your own car. Of course, anyone who has never used the app may have some doubts about making an extra income on 99.

To help you with this and to know how to make the initial registration, we have put together a very complete guide. So, if you are curious to make an extra income at 99, just check out our tips below!

Making extra income at 99

Well, first of all, it is essential that you have the 99 app installed on your smartphone. But not the passenger, but the driver, which less people end up seeing.

You can download the app completely for free and it is still very light, working on any current device. It is available for Android on the Google Play Store and for iPhone on the App Store.

With the app downloaded and installed on your smartphone, it's time to open it for the first time. You will see a home screen welcoming you, so just click on “Create my account”.

create account on 99

The app will then ask you to enter your mobile number. Do this and click on the ball below to "Accept Terms of Use and Privacy". Finish by clicking on the “Enter 99” button.

registration no 99

The application will send a verification code to the number you entered. Just take a look at your text messages and enter the code on this screen.

99 code

That done, it's time to enter the email you want to use to register for the app. We suggest that you put the email that is easier to use on a daily basis, so you will always see important messages that the app can send.

email no 99

Then, you will have to choose your transport category to say how you will make extra income at 99. That is, if you are going to drive your own car, a Taxi or a Black Taxi (something exclusive to São Paulo). Choose and click "Confirm."

category no 99

Right after, choose whether to drive as “Partner Driver 99” with your own car or if you don't have your own car and need to rent one. Click "Confirm" to move on.

partner driver to make extra income at 99

The next window will ask you to enter some basic data. This includes your name, CPF, gender and city, so just fill in the fields and click "Next".

personal data to make extra income at 99

The next step is very important, as it involves your documents. You will be asked to provide a photo of the car document (if you have marked that you have one), a photo of your CNH and a photo of your face along with the CNH on the side.

documents to make extra income at 99

Other than that, you will still need to choose the method of transferring the money you will receive for your runs. Whether by bank account or other means available.

When uploading all documents, just complete the registration. Keep in mind that to make an extra income on 99, the app needs to check all of these documents first.

They give you 24-48 hours to check everything and tell you if your registration is approved or if you need any changes. If everything goes well, you will have full access to the app and can start running your races and earn your extra income at 99.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn how to make an extra income on 99 when you register on the app? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the app.

And if you're really thinking about making extra income like that, don't forget to check out our guide on digital banking. In this way, you learn how to manage your finances without leaving your home and without dealing with red tape.

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