How to make extra income at Beved: complete guide

Nowadays, everyone needs to earn more money. For all readers who like to teach to have this possibility, we have created a comprehensive guide on how to make extra income on Beved, an educational website.

If you fit in the category of education professional, or simply have a lot of knowledge in some area, keep reading our article and see how to earn money on this platform, where you can work at home over the internet!

1. What is Beved?

Before learning how to make extra income at Beved, you need to know what the platform is. It is extremely similar to Udemy, being a website where you can create courses and give face-to-face classes to people who want to pay.

It works on the self-service model; all courses are recorded and subsequently divided into modules of up to 15 minutes, with a minimum total time of 60 minutes. For each sale, the teacher gets 70% of the amount charged.

It also has the face-to-face course model, in which you advertise the course, receive payments, manage the courses and classes, using your own location and, in the end, keep 85% of the amount charged.

what is beved?

2. How to teach at Beved?

If you want to be a teacher on the platform and know how to make extra income at Beved, the process is extremely simple. There is no need to conduct interviews or tests; anyone can teach in this free community.

In it, it is possible to teach classes on any subject, such as English, programming or even give a preparatory course for Enem.

Teacher ratings are given by students, in addition to their social connections, which helps people get to know you better and assess how reliable you are. So connecting to social media can be an excellent idea.

To start teaching, just go to the official website through the link. Now, click on the "Teach" at the top of the page choose the type of course you want to create.

Choose course type How to make extra income at Beved

On the next screen, write all the information about the course, such as title, category, level, what it is about and information about yourself.

Classroom Course How to make extra income at Beved

Then click on the "There, I want to save and continue". If the course is online, now is the time to upload the materials. In the case of a face-to-face course, enter all the data from where it will take place, with start and end times.

Remember that you get 70% of the value of online courses and 85% of face-to-face courses. It is worth mentioning that it is you who determine the values, schedules and everything else.

Online Course How to make extra income at Beved

If you want to know how to make extra income at Beved in a safer way, know that it is possible to become a verified teacher, which brings more security to students. This process is also quite simple, without the need for paperwork.

To become a verified teacher, all you need to do is contact them via their email,, that they will set up a voice call to chat better. In order to verify, it is necessary to have already given at least one class beforehand, so prepare it first of all!

If you need help, their support is available around the clock; you can send email at any time!

3. Is a diploma necessary?

If you think you need a degree to learn how to make extra income at Beved, you will be happy to discover that it is not necessary! As they themselves say, many skills and knowledge do not need degrees to certify how important they are or how much knowledge you have about them.

It does not matter your graduation level, whether it is high school, university, technical or even PhD; everyone is equal and their experience in the area is important.

4. Do classes have to go through an approval process to be published?

Another important aspect in the question of how to make extra income at Beved is whether your classes are curated. The answer is both yes and no, as they are all published automatically when you click on "Submit".

use classes to make money

However, they are subsequently evaluated to ensure that all content fits into the terms of use and privacy, and no standards have been broken. After all, even though it is a free platform, certain content is prohibited, such as, for example, pornography.

To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, both students and teachers, all classes are reviewed after publication.

5. How do I withdraw payment?

Anyone looking for how to make extra income at Beved is certainly interested in how to get paid, and how long it gets to you.

The waiting time is up to 15 working days, no matter how often teachers receive well before that period has passed. To receive, you need a Moip account, a service that adds a lot of practicality to this process.

6. I still have doubts: what to do?

If you still have questions about how to make extra income at Beved, it is recommended that you read the blog on the page, where you will find many tips on how to take the best classes. Follow the link!

If you still don't have it all figured out, you can also send email to, who will respond as quickly as possible, to guarantee your satisfaction!

So, what did you think of our explanation of how to make extra income at Beved?

Leave in the comments your opinion about our guide, where we detail everything necessary to do this. If teaching isn't your thing, check out the best apps to make extra income right now!

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