How to make extra income at BlaBlaCar? [Passo a Passo]

Among so many apps that offer opportunities to make money beyond your regular job, Blablacar is one of the most interesting. Unlike Uber, it is well focused on offering or hitchhiking with other users of the app. This way, it is possible to make an extra income at Blablacar by offering as many rides as you can.

If you are interested in knowing more about the service, you can check out our complete guide on how to make extra income on Blablacar. Check out our detailed tips and step by step below!

Making extra income at Blablacar

First of all, it is worth mentioning that unlike other travel apps, Blablacar is not exactly aimed at those who want to work in a fixed way. It was made more for people who want to share the expenses of their long distance travel.

It's good to keep that in mind if you want to make your extra income at Blablacar. After all, it is very unlikely that you will get the same value that you would have in apps like Uber or 99, for example.

With that said, Blablacar can be a good option for those who have to travel several times a year and want to earn extra money or spend less than normal. To use it, just follow these steps:

Step 1: you must open the official website, something you can do by accessing the following link. When you do, you will see some options and you must click on “Offer a ride”.

how to use blablacar

Step 2: on the next screen, you must either sign in with an existing account or create one from scratch. You can do this by clicking on “Register” or choosing “continue with Facebook” if you prefer.

extra income on blablacar tips

Step 3: continuing, you must select the address from which you can leave for your desired destination. Considering that you want to offer rides to someone, the ideal is to select a location that other people have easy access to.

A bus station, a subway station or a central city location can be a good idea, for example.

blablacar location

Step 4: with the location from which you will leave chosen, it is time to select the final destination. Just add a more specific city or neighborhood if you want.

final destination in blablacar

Step 5: to make everything easier, Blablacar still asks you to put the exact address where you want to drop off your passengers at their final destination. Do as before and select an easily accessible location for them.

extra income at the local blablacar

Step 6: on the next screen, you must click on “Add city” to inform which places you will pass on your trip. If you only go through one city, enter only one.

If you are passing and stopping in multiple cities, even if just to rest, include them as well. This helps potential passengers to be interested in your services and makes it easier to make extra income on Blablacar.

extra income in blablacar cities

Step 7: then, you must set the day that your trip will start. It's quite simple, since you only need to enter the day and month.

calendar on blablacar

Step 8: soon after, you must also enter the time when you can pick up your passengers.

blablacar time options

Step 7: Blablacar will try to give you a hint on the next screen. Basically, he recommends that you leave an empty seat in the back seat of the car.

Click on any of the options to move on.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-87290″ alt=»passenger comfort» width=»610″ height=»370″ src=»»/>

Step 8: with the site tip, we can now select how many people will be able to travel with you. You can select a maximum of three people at the same time.

amount of people on the trip

Step 9: As you continue, the website will ask if passengers can book instantly. If you want to make extra income at Blablacar as soon as possible, this ends up being the best option.

But we still recommend that you choose the option to respond to individual requests. That way you can get a better sense of the people you will be riding to.

Remember that we are talking about longer trips and not short trips. So, getting comfortable with the person is important.

reservations at blablacar

Step 10: Our next step is to set the amount paid by people who hitchhike with you. Blablacar will make a price indication based on the route.

You can accept or modify it for a price that you consider fair.

price on blablacar

Step 11: taking advantage of the fact that you are going to take this route, the site still asks if you do not want to offer a ride when you return. There it is completely up to you, since you need to know if you are going to return and when this trip would happen.

extra income in return blablacar

Step 12: other than that, you only have to insert some information to add about the ride. This includes the reason for the trip, some information about the car, etc.

publish trip on blablacar to make extra income

When you're done, click "Publish" and then wait for interested parties to get in touch. This may take a little longer, so it’s more interesting to publish your travel intentions in advance.

Anyway, you can see that it is not that difficult to make extra income at Blablacar, right ?! At least if you were already going on a long-distance trip and don't mind having company.

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